Embedding Analytics Where and When It Matters

We hear a lot about embedded analytics in the marketplace. Once our customers understand how embedding moves the needle on adoption and the ease with which they can start embedding our data objects, sheets, alerts, conversational insights, machine learning and much more into their business applications and platforms, it becomes a growing, relentless request.

Embedding is a leading catalyst that makes analytics friendly for anyone, and in turn, makes adoption fairly frictionless. It opens up that last mile for the everyday user that turns up the dial on action.

Embedding is an advanced use case for many of our enterprise customers as most want to first provide analysts and managers with their dashboards. This works for a subset of your business users, but if you want to get your everyday team member truly hooked on analytics – think about embedding their meaningful, daily metrics right inside their go-to business apps. Why have it disconnected in a separate workflow or dashboard, when it can be served up right inside their apps where they work? Why not help them make the most of their workdays? So, what does that look like? Why does it make a difference?

Some of our customers, such as ISV and OEM partner Sievo, who embeds Qlik directly into their procurement analytics suite, want to keep the look and feel of their applications, but want Qlik’s analytic insights tightly, transparently integrated. They don’t want a Sievo environment and then a Qlik environment side by side. They want adoption and usage, with their end customer users having that critical context and being served up the ‘aha’ moments. So, in the Sievo UI, they mix and match their own application components with Qlik data objects seamlessly. Let’s take a peek and listen to Heta Ruikka, VP Product Management as she shows us what this looks like inside their apps.

Maybe you are just getting started and simply interested in the technical nuts and bolts of embedding in Qlik Cloud? Definitely spend some time at our qlik.dev site to get up to speed on embedding analytics and visualizations, and experience our latest tutorials on a range of use cases and using our APIs. If you missed our Embedding Fundamentals session at QlikWorld Online take a listen as Dan Pilla, a Master Analytics Platform architect at Qlik, takes you through some basics here.

Stay tuned to this embedded blog series – we’ll be giving you a sneak peak preview of our latest release on multiple tenant automations for our ISV and Data provider OEM partners and customers interested in seeing them in action soon.

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