Qlik リーダーシップ

Qlik が確立したリーダーシップチームは、業界内の先駆者のグループで構成され、卓越性と当社の中心的な運営原則に対する確固たるコミットメントをもって企業にガイダンスを提供します。

  • Mike Capone

  • Drew Clarke

    General Manager, Data Business Unit
  • James Fisher

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Casey George

    Executive Vice President, Global Sales
  • Brendan Grady

    General Manager, Analytics Business Unit
  • Dennis Johnson

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Julie Kae

    VP, Sustainability and DE&I,
    Executive Director of Qlik.org
  • Deborah Lofton

    Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Mike Potter

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Chris Powell

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Roberto Sigona

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ruthann Wry

    Chief People Officer