Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below for answers to some of the most common questions related to Training and our website. If you cannot find your answer here, please contact us at, we are happy to assist you.

Registration and Cancellation

Payment Options

  • How do I pay for my training?

    Payment options include invoice, Purchase Order (PO), or using your pre-paid Training Card. On the checkout screen:

    • To pay by invoice, select the option “Invoice (enter PO or N/A)” under the Payment dropdown and enter “N/A”. Our Finance team will send you an invoice for the course.
    • To pay by PO, select the option “Invoice (enter PO or N/A)” under the Payment dropdown and enter your PO number. If you do not have a PO number at the time of registration, please email it to your Local Training Center prior to the course.
    • To pay using your Training Card, select the option “Training Card” in the Payment dropdown and enter your Training Card number in the field.

    *Credit Card payment is only available in the USA. Please contact your Local Training Center or for details to pay by credit card.


    Note: Payment must be received prior to the start of the course.

Training Card Information

  • What is a Training Card?

    A Training Card is a pre-paid card with a monetary value, like a gift card. You can redeem the money for most Qlik training products* in the country of purchase within 12 months of the purchase date. This provides you with an initial investment in training and the flexibility to apply it as you need it throughout your project. You do not need to schedule training prior to purchasing a Training Card.

    * Training Cards cannot be applied to Certifications or Training Materials.

  • How do I redeem my Training Card for classes and other learning options?

    For Continuous Classroom Individual Subscriptions:

    Go to the Continuous Classroom Registration page and choose the user role or bundle you want to register for. Enter your Training Card Number in the field on the checkout screen.

    For Classroom Training:
    Go to the Training Search Page and choose the course you wish to attend. Enter your Training Card Number in the field on the checkout screen.

    For Private On-site:
    Contact your 
    Local Training Center.


    For Corporate Continuous Classroom Subscriptions:

    Contact your Local Training Center.


    Note: Payment of Training Card must be received to use. If payment has not been received your class registration may be cancelled.


  • I thought I bought a Voucher, but now I don’t see a place to use this Voucher.

    In Mid-July, 2016, Qlik upgraded your pre-paid Training Vouchers to a new Training Card. The remaining value on your Training Voucher was put on your new Training Card in local currency. Don’t worry, the ID number and value didn’t change. Simply enter the same number into the “Training Card” payment option field to apply your pre-paid training investment.


    Still have more questions? View the Training Card FAQs above and contact