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Analytics at the point of decision

Qlik Sense is mobile at its core so you can fully harness the power of analytics wherever you are. Get answers to any question and take informed action in real-time – right at the point of decision. Our web client delivers a complete set of mobile capabilities, seamlessly transitioning across devices. And the Qlik Sense Mobile app for iOS and Android provides an enhanced user experience, fully interactive online and offline analysis, and integrated push alerting.

Mobile at the core

Qlik Sense is built from the ground-up for mobility, delivering an optimized user experience on any device. Unlike other products with static mobile delivery, users can explore data without boundaries or limitations. A unified, touch-based SaaS client provides intuitive operation, and responsive design intelligently adapts visualizations, data, and functionality to create the best possible experience on any device. Users can access advanced features like search and chat, collaboration, and alerting. And with no additional effort to mobilize analytics, users can seamlessly transition across devices and organizations benefit from a build anywhere consume anywhere approach.

An optimized native app

Qlik Sense Mobile is a native app for iOS and Android that works with our SaaS environment to provide an enhanced user experience, fully interactive online and offline analysis, and integrated push alerting. It offers a number of user experience enhancements to deliver Qlik Sense analytics in the best form for mobile consumption. With the Qlik Associative Engine running on-device, it supports fully interactive online and offline exploration. And it features integrated alerting with push notification, so users can be notified of important changes in their data and respond in real-time.

The same power offline

As mobile devices have evolved to support processing and memory requirements for modern analytics, our Associative Engine has been adapted to run on different chipsets and operating systems. This key technology breakthrough means that users get fully interactive, associative capabilities even when no connection is available. Users can simply connect to Qlik Sense environments, download apps and data, and interactively explore them when offline. This brings the power of Qlik Sense analytics to even more situations, where reliable connectivity is not always an option.

Key capabilities for Qlik Sense on mobile devices

Get the full power of the Qlik Sense platform on any device without compromises.

Responsive touch design

Fully interactive exploration

Qlik Sense Mobile app

Online and offline exploration

Integrated push alerting

Create anywhere consume anywhere

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