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Real-time data integration. World-class data analytics. Maximize the value of your SAP data.

Maximize the value of your SAP data with Qlik’s powerful data integration and analytics solutions for SAP. Deliver live SAP data wherever you need it — from SAP test environments to any analytics platform — and empower people across your business with data analytics that uncover hidden insights they can’t find with other analytics tools.

Architecture diagram illustrating how ​Qlik’s powerful data integration and analytics solutions ​deliver live SAP data wherever you need it — from SAP test environments to any analytics platform​.

Accelerate SAP data integration

Make your live production SAP data seamlessly available across diverse platforms and hybrid environments. Streamline and improve SAP test data, and enable a wide range of SAP analytics use cases with our powerful and flexible data integration platform.
  • Efficient, real-time data replication

    Qlik utilizes change data capture (CDC) to identify and move only the changes to data sets and metadata as they occur. It's automated performance at scale, using an agentless and log-based approach so there is minimal impact to SAP environments.
  • Automated cloud repository creation and management

    Qlik uses a model-driven approach that rapidly adds new data sources and creates purpose-built data sets to meet evolving business needs.
  • Accelerated SAP testing & migration

    Improve the efficiency, cost and security of managing test data in SAP environments, migrating SAP data to other data sources and ensuring GDPR compliance.

Uncover more insights with one-of-a-kind analytics for SAP

Our powerful and flexible analytics experience with Qlik Sense® lets your users freely explore SAP data and combine it with sales, marketing, and other sources to make bigger, bolder discoveries. And with little or no IT support needed, everyone becomes more productive.
  • Combine SAP data with multiple sources, no matter how complex.

    Put your SAP data in the context of your entire business, easily combining any data sources, no matter how large or complex, into a single view. Qlik’s analytics engine indexes and understands the relationships between every value in your data, letting you explore freely without limitations or blind spots.
  • Accelerate insights with AI-powered analytics

    Augmented analytics in Qlik Sense boost discovery by auto-generating analyses and insights that help users make connections and explore paths they would otherwise miss. And natural language interaction makes it easy to explore SAP data using simple chat and search.
  • Give users easy access to data with a self-service catalog

    Deliver a smart enterprise-scale data catalog to share securely with business users — not just SAP data, but all of your derived data sets, marts, and beyond.

Explore Our SAP Solution Accelerators

Jumpstart your SAP analytics and data modernization journey.
  • SAP Order-to-Cash

    Optimieren Sie Auftragsmanagement, Fulfillment und Betriebskapital.
  • SAP Financials

    Erweitern Sie die Möglichkeiten Ihrer Finanzanalysen und gewinnen Sie völlig neue Einblicke in GuV-, Bilanz- und Cashflow-Daten.
  • SAP Inventory Management

    Verbessern Sie den Materialeingang, die Betriebseffizienz und das Kostenmanagement.
Customer Success

Go further, faster with our proven SAP expertise

Having the right technology is only part of the solution. Organizations must also have skilled resources available to ensure the solution is tailored to their unique environment and can meet expectations. Qlik Consulting Services has the SAP expertise necessary to best guide your organization, along with deep technology partnerships with all the major cloud vendors.

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