Qlik Cloud Data Integration

Transform data seamlessly to unlock possibilities

Discover the potential of your data with automated and flexible transformation capabilities for various use cases and architectures. Reuse transformation components to filter, set global rules and standards, automate DDL, and design complex data marts regardless of data ingestion processes.

Basic Transformations

Transform metadata and data values.

  • Easily filter to narrow down data sets.
  • Standardize metadata to ensure compliance.
  • Fill in missing values, mask sensitive information or change case.
  • Set global rules to validate and synchronize effortlessly.
  • Generate logical keys to uncover relationships.

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Advanced Transformations

Automate data warehouse creation, customize data marts and improve data onboarding.

  • Automated incremental data processing.
  • Model and automate data warehouse creation to reduce manual work.
  • Support multiple data relationships with semantic layering.
  • Optimize join operations with automated denormalization.
  • Customize and automate data marts with star schemas.

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Third-party Data Transformations

Transform and enrich any data in your cloud data platform. Handle diverse data sources with agility and flexibility by mixing and matching data for various use cases regardless of the data ingestion tool or process.

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Transformation Tasks

Balance reusability and flexibility in generating data instructions.

Reuse & control output with pass-through transforms

Create reusable transformations and control how they are generated. Materialization options control cost and performance.

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Unleash SQL superpowers with custom SQL tasks

Write custom SQL code to describe data relationships and manipulate data. Utilize Common Table Expressions or use aliases and parameters to select and transform data.

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Use Cases

Transform with flexibility using global rules

Unlock the power of data with logical keys

Validate and synchronize for error-free data

Maximize efficiency with materialized data & views

Boost data connections with relationship recommendations

Power star schemas with dimensional mastery

Ease complexity of incremental data processing

Get ahead of late arriving dimensions

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