Qlik Insight Bot™

AI-powered conversational analytics

Working with analytics has always meant interacting visually. But what if you could just talk to your analytics directly? With Qlik Insight Bot you can – right in Qlik Sense® and through the messaging and collaboration tools you work with everyday. And when it’s this easy to use analytics, more people than ever can make data-driven decisions.

“Qlik Insight Bot allows us to give the intelligence that people in
the field need right where and when they need it.”
-Pavin Arora, Chief AI Officer, Aramark
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Analytics that speak your language.

Qlik Insight Bot offers a fast and easy way to ask questions and discover insights using natural language. It’s available right in Qlik Sense and through popular tools such as Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. With each question, it instantly surfaces relevant charts and insights, including key drivers, comparisons, predictions and more. And its self-learning AI makes the system progressively smarter.

Powerful insight generation

Natural language processing and generation (NLP / NLG)

Contextual integration with Qlik Sense visual apps

User-driven alerting for key KPIs

Sharing and collaboration

Search and analysis across Qlik Sense apps

Available through popular collaboration tools

Voice interaction possible through integration with services such as Alexa

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Bridge the gap between conversational and visual analytics

Conversational analytics provide a quick and easy way to ask and answer questions. But often, new scenarios arise where visual discovery offers a better path to insight. Unlike standalone NLP analytics products, Qlik Insight Bot is fully integrated with Qlik Sense, allowing users to seamlessly move between conversational and visual analytics. The Qlik® Associative Engine lets users interact conversationally and dive directly into visual analysis to explore further, without losing context. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Drive analytics adoption and increase the value of your data

To stay competitive, organizations must enable their entire workforce to make better decisions using data. Qlik Insight Bot offers a powerful new way to make data and analytics more accessible to everyone by letting people use their innate communication skills to get the information they need. That helps organizations:

  • Reach more users with the right data, wherever and however they work.

  • Enhance data literacy and data-driven decision-making at all levels.

  • Get more value from data and analytics investments

Qlik Insight Bot can be used within many popular collaboration tools

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How Qlik Insight Bot works.

According to Gartner, by 2020 “50 percent of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural-language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics & Business Intelligence 2018

Want to learn more about conversational analytics with Qlik Insight Bot?

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