Application Automation for OEMs

Accelerate native API integration delivery to grow your SaaS platform and increase customer stickiness.

Create and maintain native API integrations efficiently and at scale

Qlik Application Automation® solves internal data silo challenges by helping SaaS companies scale native integration offerings.

Give your customers speed and security with native integrations that move your dev team away from time-consuming, one-off development work and maintenance headaches to seamless connectivity and centralized management.

Rapidly growing library of hundreds of connectors to cloud applications
Intuitive automation builder with an extensive feature set
Multiple embedding options to tailor the experience to your users’ needs
Central management of your customers, integration templates, and embedding methods

Add native API integrations to your SaaS platform.

API Connectivity

Qlik Application Automation has a rapidly growing library of connected cloud applications. Join the ecosystem and start building integrations and automation workflows between your SaaS product and CRM platforms, ERP solutions, accounting software, and other cloud tools.

No-Code Automation

Qlik Application Automation offers a highly-visual and powerful integration and application automation builder. Create integrations between your SaaS solution and other cloud platforms by connecting data sources, applying conditions, calling webhooks, adding loops, scheduling runs, and setting up triggers.

UI Embedding

Embed all the integrations you create with the visual workflow builder as native integrations to your SaaS platform.

Choose from multiple embedding options including iframe with SSO, server-side coding, or a custom branded integration hub to tailor the experience to user needs.

Central Management

Centrally manage your customers, integration templates, and embedding methods into your SaaS platform. Qlik Application Automation is designed to embed self-service and high-volume integrations into your platform, or build custom integrations to meet specific requirements for your enterprise customers.

DataOps for Analytics

Moderne Datenintegration, die analysebereite, verwertbare Echtzeit-Daten für jede Analyseumgebung bereitstellt, ob Qlik, Tableau, Power BI oder andere.

  • Echtzeit-Datenstreaming (CDC)

    Stellen Sie mit einer einfachen, universellen Echtzeit-Lösung Unternehmensdaten als Live-Streams bereit und ermöglichen Sie moderne Analysen und Microservices.
  • Agile Data-Warehouse-Automatisierung

    Entwickeln, erstellen, implementieren und verwalten Sie maßgeschneiderte Data Warehouses in der Cloud ohne manuellen Programmieraufwand.
  • Managed Data Lakes erstellen

    Automatisieren Sie komplexe Erfassungs- und Transformationsprozesse und sorgen Sie für kontinuierlich aktualisierte, analysebereite Data Lakes.

Scale your integration strategy.

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