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QlikView 11

How Does QlikView Work

Business users do not require months, weeks or even one full day of training to begin interacting with QlikView applications. We recommend that all QlikView users spend 30 minutes to review this OnDemand training course, which is designed to give business users a starting point for interacting with powerful Business Discovery tools.

This eLearning course consists of two modules: How Does QlikView Work? and Navigating in QlikView. It is an excellent introduction for business users who want to learn to navigate and get started in QlikView.

Build Your First QlikView

This OnDemand, eLearning course takes the user through a typical QlikView project from requirements to a distributed final version with focus on objects, and with detailed exercise descriptions. The course structure is broken down into four modules: Overview, Load the Data, Interface Design, and Distributing QlikView. The modules include hands-on exercises.

What's New in QlikView 11

This OnDemand, eLearning course will walk you through the new features, functions and capabilities for QlikView 11.

This eLearning course consists of three modules: What's New in QlikView Desktop, What's New in the QlikView Ajax Client, and What's New in QlikView Server and Publisher. It is an excellent overview of the new and improved options available in QlikView.

System Management Overview

This eLearning course is designed to give a quick overview of QlikView Server and its importance in the QlikView platform architecture.

QlikView in the Enterprise

This 45-minute, eLearning course covers considerations for an IT department to implement QlikView as a self-service business discovery platform – both from an infrastructure and process point of view. It also covers the role of IT and the services available to support the implementation.

QlikView Tutorial 

This self-study course consists of three parts. In part 1 you learn about working with the different sheet objects in QlikView. In part 2 you build your own application based on the data sources included in the course. Part 3 gives you a short introduction to some more advanced features in QlikView. The entire course takes approximately 8 hours. Access Now

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