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Getting started with Qlik® Sense Desktop

January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015
Held Weekly

We're committed to your success, so we’d like to invite you to register for our live webinar, Getting Started with Qlik Sense Desktop. First, we’ll show you exactly what makes Qlik Sense the next generation data exploration and visualization software.

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Getting Started With QlikView Personal Edition

January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015
Held Weekly

Join QlikView product experts for an hour long session. Learn how to load data from multiple sources into one QlikView application, develop charts and graphs, and customize reports and dashboards yourself (without the help of IT).



Getting started with QlikView® NPrinting

January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015
2:00PM – 3:00PM EST
Weekly Webinar Series on Wednesdays

QlikView® NPrinting enables organizations to create great looking reports quickly, in a variety of popular formats including Office and pixel perfect (.PDF), using data and analytics from QlikView. NPrinting ensures that the right reports get to the right people, how and when they need them, either through centralized scheduling and distribution or on-demand access. With NPrinting, QlikView can serve as a single system for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to retire redundant systems and save significant costs.

This webinar series will demonstrate reporting and creation via NPrinting. So, what are you waiting for?.

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June 11, 2015 – December 9, 2015
Irvine, CA | Burlingame, CA | NY, NY | Newton, MA, USA

Workshop: Qlik Sense for Beginners

This workshop is designed to introduce you to Qlik® Sense and provide step-by-step introductions on how to build your first Qlik Sense application. The application that we will be building within this workshop will look like the below image and it will help answer questions around specific KPI’s such as but not limited to:

  • How many customers do we have in various countries?
  • What do our sales look like across all the cities/countries we sell our product into?
  • What does our sales performance look like over time?
  • What are our most profitable products?
  • Which geographic locations have the highest concentration of sales?
Event Location Date
Qlik Sense for Beginners
Qlik Sense for Beginners
Qlik Sense for Beginners
Qlik Sense for Beginners
Qlik Sense for Beginners
Qlik Sense for Beginners
Qlik Sense for Beginners
Irvine, CA
Irvine, CA
Newton, MA
Burlingame, CA
Irvine, CA
09 September
07 October
03 November
04 November
10 November
02 December
09 December


June 24, 2015 – December 16, 2015
Columbia, MD | McLean, Bethesda, VA | Washington DC

Qlik Sense Government Workshop

Imagine an analytics tool so intuitive, anyone in your agency can easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights.

That’s Qlik® Sense--a revolutionary application that lets you rapidly create visualizations, explore data deeply, reveal connections instantly, and see information from every angle.

Join us at this a half-day, hands-on workshop and experience the power of data discovery firsthand. During this session you will:

See the power of visualization and how it enables your agency to make faster, smarter decisions
Construct a fully functional dashboard application
Learn how to navigate your application and use interactive storytelling to present it to your colleagues
Here at Qlik we say, "Seeing is Believing" ... Do not miss this opportunity to see for yourself!

*This event is FREE of charge and lunch will be provided. Please bring your laptop with you.

Event Location Date
Qlik Sense Government Workshop
Qlik Sense Government Workshop
Qlik Sense Government Workshop
Qlik Sense Government Workshop
Columbia, MD
McLean, VA
Bethesda, VA
Washington DC
26 August
28 October
18 November
16 December


June 25, 2015 – November 27, 2015
Los Angeles | Hoboken | Atlanta | Scottsdale | Houston | Calgary | Toronto | Dallas | San Francisco | Scottsdale

CDM CIO Summits 2015

The CDM CIO Summits, are a unique opportunity for leading IT thinkers to collaborate on current industry challenges and trends. Attending CIOs and IT executives engage in peer-on-peer networking, while discussing the issues currently affecting CIOs from a variety of industries.

Upcoming Summits that Qlik® Will Sponsor in 2015

Event Location Date
CIO Atlanta
CIO New Jersey
CIO Manufacturing/Supply Chain
CIO Energy/Houston
CIO Calgary
CIO Toronto
CIO Dallas
CIO San Francisco
CIO Mid Market/Commercial
CIO Big Data
San Francisco
12 Aug
17 Aug
25 - 26 Aug
27 - 28 Aug
22 Sep
24 Sep
27 Oct
4 Nov
10 - 11 Dec
15 - 17 Nov

OnDemand Webinar

The Wisdom of Crowds: A Data Discovery Journey

Austin Fire Department (AFD) has a proud history of serving more than 750,000 residents of Austin, TX. The department, which responds to approximately 75,000 calls annually, holds as its mission to protect lives and property through extensive fire prevention and safety education efforts. In order to best do this, AFD turned to the power of data discovery across operations, finance, HR and executive functions.

Qlik On Demand

OnDemand Webinar

Challenge the Conventions: Innovation, Design and Business Transformation in BI

Business intelligence (BI) technology has leapt forward with the development of data discovery software. However, the approach many organizations take to BI and analytics has not improved at the same rate. Too often their approach is influenced by outmoded ideas. These ideas shut down possibilities, constraining what organizations do with BI, how they approach it, and the value they aspire to deliver from their data.

Access this on-demand webinar to hear from James Richardson, Analytics Strategist at Qlik, as he exposes and explores six of the most common myths of BI and the impact they have on organizations.

James is also a Qlik Blog contributor. You can read his blog postings, along with other posts, here.

Qlik On Demand Webinar

OnDemand Webinar

Analyze. Deliver. Win. The Path to Becoming a Champion Analyst

If you want to become a champion analyst in your organization, you need to help improve performance through better use of information. View this on-demand webinar to find out how you can respond faster to business challenges and deliver new insights into areas of opportunity and risk.


OnDemand Webinar

A Journey Out of Darkness for Dallas ISD

Qlik & IPC Global Webinar featuring Kerri Holt, Special Projects Officer, Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD) During this on-demand webinar you will learn how Enterprise Intelligence has enabled Dallas Independent School District to transform into an organization that relies on a strong intelligent data culture that allows educators to make smarter, faster decisions in order to improve instruction and the educational outcomes of 160,000 students a year. Not just a little bit! The impact has been compared to a Miracle.