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Executive Dashboard
Executive Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your business with both a high level view as well as the ability to drill down into the business details.

Qlik for Sales

  • Improve targeting and drive higher revenue
  • Uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities that boost your pipeline
  • Assess pipeline performance against your plan

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Qlik for Marketing

  • Align strategies and improve your campaign performance
  • Improve market and customer segmentation
  • Visualize your marketing spend and drive greater ROI

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Qlik for the IT User

  • Improve data governance, security, and scalability
  • Spot underused systems and applications
  • Predict emerging technology needs

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Qlik for Human Resources

  • Optimize employee management and performance
  • Control staffing efficiency, benefit offerings, and labor costs
  • Streamline recruitment, and decrease turnover

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Qlik for Finance

  • Increase forecast visibility and optimize your budget
  • Manage risks and control your costs
  • Boost your bottom line

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Andersen Corporation

Qlik® Consulting was able to quickly understand the idiosyncrasies of our business, digest the complexity of the project and lay the proper foundation needed for our team’s success.

Blaine Verdoorn, Director of Business Analytics,
Andersen Corporation



QlikView provides a competitive advantage that allows us to take data from the 'ivory tower' and make it easily accessible to the average person.

Demian Barshay, Manager, Operations, Cisco



QlikView was the first time I experienced an IT project that delivered what was promised within time and budget.

Francisco Arroyo, IT Manager



QlikView on iPad is an incredibly innovative tool that has changed the way Illes looks at our business data.

Les Howell, Executive Director of IT, Illes Seasonings and Flavors



QlikView has cost us only 20 percent of the price of alternative solutions. The payback period was just a few months.

Mats-Olov Eriksson, Data Architect,


Texas Children’s Hospital

QlikView is one of the few solutions Texas Children’s Hospital has acquired that actually did what it promised it would do.

John Henderson, Director, Enterprise Systems,
Texas Children’s Hospital

Texas Childrens Hospital Qlik Visual