Make Better Decisions with Generative AI-driven Answers from Unstructured Data

Introducing Qlik Answers. An all-new knowledge assistant. Now you can deliver personalized, relevant answers to questions generated from a variety of unstructured data sources.

A graphic of a screen showing a chat with an AI assistant providing case studies on customer success stories related to sales, accompanied by customer story documents and a customer report.

Deliver knowledge and insight

Inform every action

Deliver actual answers to users instead of just search results. Personalized and relevant responses sourced from carefully curated content.

Get answers on trusted data

Reliable and consistent responses with full explainability and transparency allow users to understand and trust where answers came from.

Enjoy plug-and-play simplicity

Take advantage of a self-service oriented solution that’s fast to implement and easy to use, reducing cost, risk, and complexity. All on top of a governed, independent platform.

We made it easy

Take advantage of a simple, plug-and-play solution with all the power of generative AI and RAG (retrieval augmented generation). Qlik handles the complexity, so you don’t have to.

Five vertical, colorful cards highlight features of a service: enterprise connectivity, fully managed knowledge base, embeddable assistant, explainable answers, and an answer review portal.

Make knowledge available to everyone

Ask questions and get personalized, relevant answers sourced from unstructured content. With generative AI, you get actual answers instead of just ranked lists of content.

Graphic of a software interface showing a conversation with an AI assistant and a document titled "Customer Story 2024" with a button labeled "Open document.

Have confidence in the answers you receive

Meaningful and relevant responses build trust in the answers you get. And with full explainability, you get links to source content and highlighting so you’ll know exactly where things come from.

Graphic of a chat window with a conversation between a user and an AI assistant discussing appliance issues, accompanied by a highlighted "maintenance report" document.

Get plug-and-play simplicity

A plug-and-play, self-service solution simplifies deployment and reduces risk and cost. With Qlik, you can consolidate your data, analytics, and AI investments on a trusted, independent platform with best-in-class security and governance, and full compliance with modern security certifications.

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AI Trends for 2024

Follow the path to trusted data. Explore the top AI trends for 2024 and learn how to turn your big data into better data.

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A magnifying glass focuses on a digital chart with bars and lines, symbolizing data analysis and examination. Surrounding elements include abstract shapes in shades of green and blue.

Tap knowledge libraries, document repositories, online content, and more

Deliver institutional knowledge

Ensure better customer support

Improve customer service and satisfaction

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