The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) heralds a new era of privacy regulation. With more stringent rules and significant penalties, GDPR compels you to use trusted vendors. We are committed to our compliance responsibilities - within our organization and in delivering products and services that empower our customers and partners in their compliance efforts.

You can depend on Qlik as a GDPR-compliant vendor

Qlik has an ongoing commitment to protecting our data and the data of our customers and partners. We believe in communicating in an open, transparent manner and respecting individuals’ choice and control over their data. Our cross-functional teams of Data Privacy Champions strengthen our privacy protection efforts, including compliance with new GDPR requirements.

Use Qlik with Confidence

We know that our customers take security and privacy compliance as seriously as we do. Organizations and individuals can use Qlik products with confidence, knowing that we built our products, since inception, with security and privacy in mind. We utilize both security- and privacy-by-design methods in our development processes which adhere to data protection regulations.

Leverage Qlik to support GDPR compliance efforts

Organizations can use Qlik’s data analytics platform and innovative Associative engine to combine data protection and privacy information across disparate systems, gaining visibility and actionable insights to support their GDPR compliance efforts. Leverage Qlik’s governance and reporting capabilities as well as Open APIs to enable flexible integration with other systems and creation of self-service portals that cater to GDPR requests from individuals.

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