DB streaming, or database streaming, is a type of data streaming where changes made to databases are updated and processed immediately to deliver real-time analytics, business intelligence and business services.

Streaming data refers to data which flows continuously from one system to another. These real-time data streams may include log files generated by customers using mobile or web applications, in-game player activity, data from social networks, financial trading information, geospatial services, online purchases and sensors from devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Using DB streaming and data stream processing to ensure that is information in databases is continually refreshed and up-to-date, organizations can improve competitiveness and agility, moving more quickly to take advantage of business opportunities.

Managing DB streaming requires a sophisticated streaming architecture and powerful Big Data tools to simplify and automate processes, and many enterprises have turned to Apache Kafka to fill this role. Kafka enables big data analytics opportunities by providing a platform that can accommodate high-scale ingestion and processing of live data streams with low latency.

The challenge of managing DB streaming with Kafka is mitigating the potential impact on source systems and managing the complexity of custom development. Some IT teams may also have difficulty scaling sufficiently to support a large number of data sources.

DB streaming with Qlik

Qlik addresses the challenges of DB streaming with Kafka by providing a powerful software solution.. Leveraging low-impact CDC technology, Qlik provides an efficient, real-time and scalable platform for data ingest from a wide variety of source database systems. Replicate minimizes the impact on source database systems using a unique zero-footprint architecture and log-based change data capture technology. And Qlik ensures low latency by feeding live database changes to Kafka message brokers with real-time data.

Benefits of Qlik Replicate® for DB streaming

When managing DB streaming, Qlik enables database administrators to:

  • Use an intuitive web-based GUI to configure, control and monitor DB streaming and repetition tasks across all sources and targets. With Qlik administrators do not need a deep understanding of the environment or coding requirements to execute data loads.
  • Integrate wide variety of DB streaming sources, including all major data warehouses, mainframe systems and RDBMS, as well as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud database.
  • Scale quickly and easily to ingest data from thousands of databases.
  • Centrally manage and monitor DB streaming from a single console.

Streaming Change Data Capture