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Orlando Agrippa

Orlando Agrippa

Draper & Dash | United Kingdom

With a track record of senior management success in turning around both private and public sector organizations of varying scale and complexity, Orlando has transformed the delivery of services and implementation processes to deliver lasting improvements. He has led services within organizations that faced financial and performance delivery challenges and has delivered award-winning improvements with hands-on delivery, clear leadership, stakeholder engagement and communication and negotiation skills. Orlando has championed turnaround strategies within multimillion-pound organizations to drive up performance and visibility.

Orlando has almost 10 years of experience in the delivery of Business Informatics, two years of retail sales and marketing and a working history with diverse groups of professionals. He has supported a host of NHS organizations with a wealth of knowledge around the seamless planning, development and delivery of Business Informatics through QlikView data discovery and other platforms.

Orlando now runs the healthcare analytics company, Draper & Dash as CEO, where he spends most of his time working with his internal management, business development and delivery teams on ensuring that the solutions they deliver provides value to their clients and patients.

As a high-profile, senior IT innovator, he is a firm advocate of the QlikView solution as a way of overcoming the constant battle that businesses have with lots of data, but little intelligence. Orlando regularly contributes to industry discussions on changing the way that information is used to enable smarter day-to-day decisions and increase operational efficiency.

Qlik Luminary Credentials
Article Computing Magazine, September 2012
Article: Financial Times, February 2013
Award: TechWeek Europe Tech Success Award Winner, December 2012
• Presenter: QlikView Business Discovery World Tour London, October 2012

Keith Carter

Keith Carter

Visiting Senior Fellow Decision Sciences, Business School
National University of Singapore | Singapore

Professor Keith Carter is Visiting Senior Fellow Decision Sciences at the National University of Singapore’s Business School, where he also spearheads the QlikView Academic Program. As a global supply chain executive, Keith’s career has encompassed roles with Accenture, Goldman Sachs and Estee Lauder, where he led projects to propel company growth, drive change and increase productivity. He combines being an IT visionary with practical, real-world implementation of new capabilities.

Keith is well-known as a keynote speaker at conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia where he shares his expertise on topics including end-to-end supply chain visibility, big data, actionable intelligence, purchasing, risk management, financial intelligence and corporate strategy. He is an advisory board member for eWeek Magazine. Keith is as an “ideas” man, solving complex problems with innovative technologies, process re-engineering and change management. He is currently writing a book about big data and actionable intelligence with contributions from Donald Farmer and Cliff Siegel.

Qlik Luminary Credentials
• Article: Business Times, Singapore, July 2013
• Keynote speaker: QlikTech/Ashisuto event, Tokyo, June 2013
• Media interviews: Japanese publications, June 2013
Article: Think Business, Singapore, June 2013
• Presenter: QlikView Business Discovery World Tour Singapore, March 2013
• Chairman: Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing, Singapore,March 2013
• Keynote speaker: Global Supply Chain Conference, Shanghai, June 2012
• Presenter: TAPA Security Conference Asia, Singapore, November 2012
• Keynote speaker: Terrapin Supply Chain Conferences, September/October 2012
• Presenter: Gartner Business Intelligence Conference, Los Angeles, May 2011

Michael Der

Michael Der

Director – Business Intelligence
Mark Anthony Group | Canada

Mr. Michael Der is Director of Business Intelligence at Mark Anthony Group, the leading privately owned importer and distributor of fine wine, premium beer and specialty beverages in Canada — and creators of the popular Mike’s Hard Lemonade brand in North America. Based in Vancouver, Canada, he is responsible for three critical areas that support business units in the United States and Canada — re-engineering the organization's data warehouse, advancing the analytical software suites/tools and improving the reporting platforms. Michael is a business professional with a specialty in business intelligence/analytics and more than 13 years of experience, spanning technical and strategic management roles.

Michael’s responsibility for developing his organization’s long-term strategic direction for business intelligence began by fostering a culture where business analytics is integral to decision making. He is an expert in the alcoholic beverage industry, with extensive experience in consumer-packaged goods, and is recognized as a champion for data quality, integrity and information transparency.

Qlik Luminary Credentials
• Keynote speaker: QlikTech Internal Summit 2013, Phoenix, January 2013
• Keynote speaker: Big Data World Canada, Toronto, March 2013
• Presenter: QlikTech Customer Advisory Council, New York, February 2013

Mats-Olov Eriksson

Mats-Olov Eriksson

Director, Finance Data Architecture
King | Sweden

Mr. Mats-Olov Eriksson is Director, Finance Data Architecture at global online gaming giant, King in Stockholm, Sweden. A proactive enthusiast of data and analytics, he has gained considerable experience designing and building large data architectures and putting them into action throughout his career in the telecoms, finance and online gaming industries. In his current role, Mats-Olov is responsible for the facilitation of data analytics, and for the tracking, storage and processing of data across all platforms at King – a highly dynamic environment where billions of records are added each and every day.

As a highly visible and respected member of the big data community, he regularly contributes his knowledge and experience to discussions about how to make huge volumes of data accessible in the most cost-effective and efficient way. His enthusiasm for the online gaming world is because he believes it provides an environment where creativity meets cutting-edge technology

Qlik Luminary Credentials

Document: Customer Success Story
Press release: QlikTech Integrates with Cloudera, November 2012
blog: techrepublic, february 2013
article: cio sweden magazine, april 2013

• presenter: qliktech global analyst summit, november 2012
• presenter: gartner business intelligence summit, march 2013

Darren Freeman

Director of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
HealthSouth Corporation | United States of America

Mr. Darren Freeman is Director of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing at HealthSouth Corporation. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, HealthSouth is America’s largest owner and operator of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. Darren joined HealthSouth in 1997 and worked in various roles supporting the company’s PeopleSoft ERP system. In 2004, Darren headed up a pivotal project, working with a highly skilled team of people to design and implement HealthSouth’s data warehouse from the ground up.

In late 2009, Darren led the business intelligence (BI) team in the creation of HealthSouth’s premier enterprise management BI environment, BEACON, which uses QlikView as its platform. This environment has transformed the way senior hospital executives are able to do their jobs, translating into better patient care and clinical efficiency. Because of this highly successful implementation, HealthSouth received CIO Magazine’s “CIO 100” Award in 2011 as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the United States.

Qlik Luminary Credentials
Document: Customer Success Story

Akio Oka

Akio Oka

Chief Information Officer, Semiconductor & Storage Products Company
Toshiba Corporation | Japan

Mr. Akio Oka is the Chief Information Officer, Semiconductor & Storage Products Company at Toshiba Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan. He joined Toshiba in 1984, and during his career of nearly 30years has worked on the IT systematization of structural analysis, 3D-CAD/CAM and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) construction within business units ranging from nuclear powergeneration, dynamo machines, medical apparatus, personal computers, mobile phones and household appliances.

Akio contributes to the management of the Semiconductor & Storage Products Company as an expert in environmental impact data analysis, drawing on his significant experience with IT-related businesses in the Toshiba group. He believes that data-driven decisions that leverage the power of business intelligence contribute significantly to business success. He is also involved in the advancement of business systems such as monozukuri, supply chain management, and customer relationship management.

Qlik Luminary Credentials
• Presenter: Gartner Business Intelligence Summit, Tokyo, May 2013

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Senior Manager, Distribution Optimization
BT Financial Group | Australia

Mr. Jeremy Smith is Senior Manager, Distribution Optimization at BT Financial Group, a division of Westpac Group, based in Sydney, Australia. In his current role, he is responsible for business performance and strategy, including designing and implementing sustainable and scalable business intelligence and business planning frameworks. Jeremy started his career as a Chartered Accountant with PwC, and has more than 20 years of experience in wealth management and financial services in a variety of roles.

As an experienced and skilled business leader, his passion is bringing data to life in ways that engage the entire business around strategic priorities and influences decisions to drive growth. He has taken a highly innovative approach to user adoption and change management at BT Financial Group, and believes that connecting data, people and projects is the key to changing the way that companies create and apply business insights.

Qlik Luminary Credentials
Article: Computerworld Australia, May 2013
Article: CIO Magazine Australia, May 2013
Presenter: FST Media event, Sydney, May 2013