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    • In-store customer data capture increased by over 60%
    • Ted Baker UK shopping event generated 17,237 discount code downloads, profiles for 16,330 new customers for its marketing database, and contributed to an increase in on-line sales by nearly 50% for that month, versus the previous month 
    • Ted Baker Halloween competition generated 980 entries resulting in 959 new customer profiles for its marketing database


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Connecting the dots in customer data

With over 1.2 million shoppers and prospective customers, Ted Baker’s brand marketing team wanted to increase in-store data capture. The team wanted to use the data to improve knowledge of the retail brand’s customer base, communications and targeting.

Previously, Ted Baker collected data from all stores in Excel spreadsheet software, used BusinessObjects for sales reports, and struggled to derive the customer insights that would increase the brand’s relevancy, sales and engagement.

“Unless your communications are customer centric and focused on giving them exactly what they want when they want it, then you are going to struggle to develop a meaningful brand,” said Craig Smith, Brand Communication Director at Ted Baker.

Connecting the dots in customer data

Ted Baker deployed Qlik to employees across functions, including the Marketing and Sales departments. This gave different teams the ability to collect in-store data — such as which customers were making what purchases — and then use this insight to recruit more customers.

The marketing team also uses QlikView to connect customer data from multiple sources, and then analyzes everything from customer demographics to sales and email campaigns.

“The wealth of data we now have on our customers through QlikView has changed the way we develop and run our marketing communications,” Smith said. “We can now swiftly analyze information to find out how our customers behave, segment them, and build and drive more targeted and results-oriented multi-channel campaigns.”

Comprehensive analysis, actionable insights

By deploying QlikView, Ted Baker created a single, centralized customer data vantage point. Additionally, there is the ability to perform comprehensive data analysis and reporting on over 1.2 million shoppers and prospective customers to deliver unprecedented and actionable insights into their customers’ profiles and spending behavior.

For example, a Ted Baker UK shopping event generated 17,237 discount code downloads and 16,330 new customer profiles. These contributed to a nearly 50% increase in monthly online sales, versus the previous month.

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