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Sydney Local Health District


    • Achieve annual efficiency and productivity savings
    • Bridged the gap between teams of clinicians and administrators to help improve quality and models of care
    • Reduced reporting time by 75% per month compared to previous systems


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Sydney Local Health District drives innovation in Data Management for Clinical, Quality & Financial Improvement

Sydney Local Health District is a leader in healthcare, home to world renowned hospitals Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Repatriation General, as well as Sydney Dental, Balmain and Canterbury Hospitals. The District hosts world-leading biomedical, clinical, health services and public health research, and has many leading clinicians, researchers, research institutes and research centres contributing to the translation of research into innovative, evidence-based practice. Their vision is to achieve excellence in healthcare for all across Aged Chronic Care and Rehabilitation, Cancer Services, Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Gastro and Liver, Medical Imaging, Neurosciences, Bone and Joint, Plastics and Trauma Surgery and Women’s Health, Neonatology and Paediatrics. Sydney is one of the best performing health districts in NSW.

"With the Health Reforms of 2011, our Performance Unit needed to ensure efficient and accurate ways to monitor the activity across our services," said Mauricio Olivera, Manager Health Systems Data and Development.

"We had various methods of reporting and analysing health data, but needed a platform to pull it together to help engage the clinicians and managers. Our organisation craved more information but also needed a central intuitive mechanism to house that information and make it available to everyone to make smarter, faster decisions."

In order to turn its data into meaningful insights, the District implemented the QlikView user-driven platform across the entire organisation.

Performance Improvement

The District deployed Qlik (locally branded as the Sydney Local Health District Targeted Activity and Reporting System [STARS]), as its principle performance reporting and system improvement tool.

The user friendly, real-time active management tool has allowed for better financial, operational and clinical decision-making as it brings together the wealth of health data available in a comprehensive way.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The accessibility and usability of the system means that health executives and clinicians now have direct and timely access to a wealth of health related data. This information is now actively interrogated to help drive financial and operational efficiency as well as improve the quality of care provided to the local community. Examples include (but not limited to):

  • • Identifying patients that are most likely to benefit from interventions and the most appropriate care plan.

  • • Integrating data across clinical systems to help manage patients with chronic conditions.

  • • Using algorithms to foresee potential readmissions and safety incidents.


Support, use and availability of information provided by STARS has been overwhelmingly successful to date, but the District recognises that this is only the beginning of their journey with the Qlik Platform. Sydney Local Health District is continuously upgrading and developing its STARS applications, with over 60 in the pipeline, to continue to meet the needs of its users. Further, improvements in data access, education for end users and the incorporation of new measures (e.g. international health benchmarks, open data markets, research publications, etc.) will empower the District to better understand the levers that affect health and societal outcomes.

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