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    • The payback period on QlikView was just a few months
    • Financial analysts are measuring ROI on marketing campaigns for the first time transforms by analyzing customer behavior

As one of Europe’s biggest gaming companies, needed a way to see the patterns in the massive volumes of data their game players were generating.’s games generate more than 2 billion rows of data daily – with volumes increasing every day. Hidden in this sea of data were the secrets to game replayability, customer retention and understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Before QlikView,’s business analysts had no easy way to tap into the value of all this data, which was stored in a Hadoop-based big data system. Marketers had to ask game developers to write scripts to track things like the number of games played per channel. “Another big advantage of using QlikView was to be able to extract data from different data sources” Mats-Olov Eriksson, Data Architect at, said.

Analyzing behavior and marketing ROI

With QlikView, business analysts at are now able to analyze 40 million customers’ gaming behavior. For the first time ever, they are able to determine the ROI of their marketing campaigns. Now they have visibility into metrics — such as the number of players, number of games played, amount of time played, daily average revenue per user, continuous second-day retentions, daily and monthly active users and more.

Seeing the relationships in huge data sets chose QlikView because of the associative experience, which enabled business users to navigate huge amounts of gaming data to find the information relevant to them. With QlikView, users aren’t limited to following predefined drill paths. They can navigate and interact with big data any way they want. More importantly, they can literally see the relationships in the data with QlikView’s unique associative capability, which leverages all data dimensions, in any combination, during analysis.

More than 100 QlikView apps are now in daily use at, for a wide variety of purposes. “Implementing QlikView has cost less than 20% of the alternative solutions. The payback period was just a few months.”

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