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    • Achieved new insights across different data sources to accomplish better performance and lower costs for their customers.

Supply Chain Management Executor Optimizes Performance with Qlik Sense

IDS needed dynamic and interactive analytical dashboards to deliver the best service to their customers. As a fourth party logistics provider, IDS strives to offer supply chain solutions for customers that optimize efficiency, lower direct and indirect costs, and provide a reliable transfer of goods with complete transparency throughout the process. IDS does not have its own fleet or a warehouse, but instead offers expertise and experience to make the supply chain process as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Ease of use + dynamic reporting

When selecting a visualization tool, ease of use and dynamic reporting was of primary importance for IDS. Qlik Sense not only provides the intuitive user experience they desired, it also allows for drag-and-drop design allowing even the most novice users to create their own visualizations.

The industry-proven Qlik data indexing engine of Qlik Sense helps IDS users to explore the relationships that exist in their data to reveal connections instantly, unlocking hidden insights along the way. Additionally, the storytelling feature of Qlik Sense allows users to share reports and insights with customers in a presentation mode while enabling them to dive directly into the dashboards as needed to answer questions in real time.

With the deployment of Qlik Sense, IDS quickly and easily visualized data around cost patterns, performance, maturity, transport, and cargo flows. As a result, users can easily spot trends or outliers in the data and take action to improve customer performance, accelerate processes and maximize transparency and information sharing.

IDS moved from Excel to QlikView in 2012 to avail of more interactive and dynamic data visualizations. Within two years the company had started using Qlik Sense. According to Juriaan Hensbroek, Business Analyst at IDS: “Qlik Sense has a modern look and is easy-to-use with better accessibility for all stakeholders.” In collaboration with their customers, IDS developed management KPIs including delivery performance, pick-up performance, report performance, cost per kilo and cost per country. The power of Qlik Sense combines these two key reports on performance and costs into one dashboard providing deeper insights into data.

"Qlik Sense excels in rapidly visualizing data and that’s something that is so important for our reporting to customers. It gives them an understanding of their data at a glance and an overview of their logistics processes in an engaging, easy-to-use interface,” said Paul van der Burg, director of IDS. “In addition to customers, we also can make the data of the performance of carriers we work with more transparent. Qlik Sense allows them to better steer on performance and capitalize on insights from the data. Overall Qlik Sense has been a win-win situation for both our customer and logistics service providers."

IDS Achieves New Supply Chain Management Insights with Qlik - Watch Video

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