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Hertz España improves decision-making and efficiencies

Hertz needed a business intelligence (BI) tool to analyze the way their fleets of vehicles were being managed. And, using seasonal and geographical criteria, they also needed a way to identify trends in reservations. Finally, all of this needed to be made widely available to Hertz España’s 350 employees.

Ease of use + value wins evaluation

The key factors that tipped the selection scales in favor of QlikView were its ease of use, intuitive interface and ability to import data from other sources. Value for the price and ease of implementation were two other features that prompted Hertz España to opt for QlikView. The solution by Mercanza, a Qlik Partner, proposed a report generation approach that facilitates proactive business analysis and clearer, more precise visualization of information.

QlikView implementation took place in 2008. Since then, Hertz España has been able to reap all the benefits of being able to view and analyze the information they generate. Today, the system handles a volume of 40 gigabytes of data with around 100 users, from team heads and supervisors to middle and senior managers. The principal key performance indicators QlikView measures are the fleet (in the Operations department), profits per day (in the Finance department), and fleet usage in both departments.

Added business value, improved management and efficiency

The positive effect of QlikView on Hertz España’s business became quickly apparent — and made highly favorably impacts on the organization.

According to Francisco Arroyo, IT Manager at Hertz España, QlikView has undoubtedly brought added value to the business overall — by providing support for a new kind of management control and oversight and reducing the time needed to obtain business information. Hertz España distributes daily activity reports now that provide updates on the state of the company in all areas.

“The mere fact of having such a visual solution to check data and reservations from other periods means we can react and think ahead to high season campaigns. It helps us to organize the entire business and supply the Spanish market as efficiently as possible,” Arroyo said.

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