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    • Developer productivity improved by 88%

Heinz Russia improves developer productivity by 88%

Heinz Russia needed to minimize the high number of improvement requests the IT department was getting — while also ensuring continued department transparency.

New solutions, increased performance

Qlik was deployed to help the IT department develop analytical solutions.

QlikView was used to analyze vast numbers of IT requests, internet traffic, and press and access rights. After developing analytical solutions for the IT department, Heinz Russia was able to quickly identify and eliminate problematic areas in the performance of IT applications, improve the management of full-time developers and monitor the payment of external experts.

Improved productivity, effective resource management

With Qlik, Heinz Russia was able to identify problem areas, spot trends within the company and effectively manage resource development. Now, Heinz Russia employees can search data instantly, automatically generate knowledge bases and track SLAs online.

Significantly, the company has noted an 88% increase in developer productivity since the deployment of QlikView.

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