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    • 15 hours per week saved by customer service team
    • 8 hours per week saved by finance team
    • 7 hours per week saved tracking follow-up reports

Genzyme empowers workforce: improving customer focus exceeds sales targets

Genzyme was looking for a reporting solution that would unite data from multiple platforms and display it in a dashboard so users could easily gain insight and make decisions.

Departments and senior management both needed applications to understand efficiencies and productivity Results needed to showrevenue targets in a single view and in real time. To meet thesebusiness intelligence needs, Genzyme turned to QlikView.

“We grasped the flexibility and simplicity of QlikView in next to no time — and quickly saw how the solution could be used across the entire organization,” James Sharp, Regional IT Manager for Genzyme, said.

New capabilities provide balance, save time

“Initially, we provided sample data and a deadline to deliver. The QlikView team did an amazing job demonstrating the capabilities of the solution by illustrating how the solution can bring all of our data together for ease-of use, manipulation and reporting.”

The Balance Scorecard is one example of an initial application that was built for Genzyme to provide top-level management with analysis and reporting against business strategy and future planning. Now an integral part of Genzyme’s internal process, the Balance Scorecard provides detailed data in multiple views for all key business areas —from customers, to finance, to internal processes to learning and growth.

These data sets are now combined with data from other departments, including sales, finance and legal, based on the overall objectives set. Reports that used to take days or even weeks to generate can now be maintained and available for viewing on an ongoing basis.

A people-driven tool that provides detailed intelligence and analysis

Initially, Genzyme deployed QlikView to five of its business units, each playing a vital role to the organization’s success. These include Medical Inquiries, KOL Mapping, Adverse Event Reporting, Sales Reporting and Physician Queries.

At the start of the deployment in September 2009, roughly 40 Genzyme employees were using QlikView applications. As the apps gainedpopularity in several departments, more and more Genzyme employees wanted to use QlikView.

Today, everyone in the organization has access to QlikView.

“QlikView is absolutely about intelligence and business discovery and I cannot think of any limitations,” said James. “Genzyme very much considers QlikView a people-driven tool, in that the more they use and see it, the more people appreciate the ease with which they can, within only hours, develop an application for their departmental use in line with business strategy objectives and KPIs. For example, the Balance Scorecard was built and delivered within four days. The business unit managers also appreciate that they can easily tweak their solutions as parameters change to maintain accurate information and reporting, all within a matter of hours.”

“We had an early realization of the flexibility, ease of use, visual analysis and the quick reporting QlikView delivers. Data that had previously been locked into our ERP and CRM systems, with unsuitable access criteria and impacting our overall business operations and performance, are now being utilized and in real time across all our business functions – finance, sales, marketing, HR, IT, and more. In fact, I’ve had great feedback from a variety of people within Genzyme, including a member of our sales team stating that the team liked QlikView as it ‘kept it simple’ and allowed them to focus on their day-to-day jobs with detailed intelligence allowing them to focus on key customer areas and exceeding their sales target,” James concluded.

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