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    • Within 1 month after deployment the QlikView application counted 219 active users
    • Reduction of approximately 10 hours per month at Finance & Control to develop and distribute productivity metrics

Deloitte creates insights and new business opportunities

Deloitte wanted to act on the company value that information and knowledge is free, but insight is key.

“Our vision for business is that in a 24/7 world, where data is abundant, trust, loyalty and transparency will drive market growth. Information and knowledge is free, but insight is scarce.” Frank Kneefel, manager Finance & Control at Deloitte (Netherlands), said.

“Providing data-based insights to achieve sustainable growth is an area in which Deloitte has invested considerably in recent years. Data analytics are an integral part of the work we do and are of enormous importance not only to our internal organization, but also to our clients. By providing data insight, we open new paths to growth and improvements of our bottom line.”

With tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms around the world collaborating to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services under the brand, the Deloitte reporting environment is complex. Reports may involve staffing levels, requirements, results by practice, industry, region, time entry, billing, headcount utilization, targets and much more. Additionally, different roles within the staffing organization are reported on differently. The Finance & Control department at Deloitte, led by CFO Cees de Boer, is responsible for providing relevant reports to different divisions.

At the end of 2010, Finance & Control started looking at new ways to provide data insight. “If we claim that data insight is key in the new world, we should start with ourselves,” Kneefel said.

“But before running out and spending potentially significant sums on a BI tool, we needed to establish what we wanted to achieve. It turned out that our Productivity Management Reporting was our most used report. It was also the most extensive one to develop and had clear KPI’s,” Kneefel said.

QlikView: Powerful, flexible and user-friendly

“QlikView proved to be the best option. The analytic powers, the flexibility of the tool and the user-friendliness reinforced our mission: Bring Business Intelligence back to the Business,” Kneefel said.

Multiple data sources were connected to make this happen. Data from Deloitte’s existing SAP infrastructure, the SAP data warehouse and multiple Excel files were combined in one QlikView application. The actual development was completed within one month. The team involved focused more on content and re-defining the KPIs than building the application. The actual application was built in a few days.

Giving the consultants the power saves Deloitte time

Once the Productivity Management Reporting application was developed, Finance & Control rolled the application out to a test group of 45 end users. “We started to send out a link to the QlikView application, together with the old fashioned spreadsheet. We included a short PowerPoint, encouraging our users to simply login and ‘Qlik and View’. We also invited the users to call the helpdesk if they had any questions. After 1 month, we had 219 active QlikView users and only received one call to the helpdesk. And this call was to request access for an additional user,” Keefel said.

“This QlikView application saves the organization significant amounts of time. For our department alone, we estimate that we save approximately 10 hours per month on developing and distributing reports. The time it saves our team leaders is equally significant, taking into account that selecting the relevant information would have normally cost them a few minutes or so to create.”

Since implementation, two requests for new applications were put into development. One application is for Human Resources to track recruitment and on boarding processes. The other application lets the strategy team provide client/market analysis that can be combined with forecasting CRM data from SAP.

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