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Access to Data is Key

In 2014, arvato responded to a call for tender from a public sector organization looking to outsource the documentation of its global distribution business. On reporting aspects, this organization wanted access to a data warehouse and analytical tools that would allow it to follow the business closely. "With the outsourcing of logistics activities, there is a strong sense of loss of visibility for customers”, explains Melanie Ogier, Solution Design SCM at arvato. “Providing them with access to data is key and provides real value to our services." arvato was already using QlikView in a SAP environment but in this case the customer wanted to be self-governing in producing reports so arvato, along with partner Acssi, decided to propose Qlik Sense. Its capabilities for visual analysis, report preparation and ease of self-service were well supported. Other key points in choosing Qlik Sense included: full web access and mobile capabilities; integrating responsive design; the ability to switch from PC to smartphone or tablet without losing analysis or navigation context

Supply Chain Visibility

The goal was to get the customer 100% visibility of the activities performed by arvato. Applications developed with Qlik Sense gave the customer a view of all services along the entire supply chain process: inventories; orders; deliveries and invoicing. The customer can track the status of their orders, check the stock transfer, control which customers are waiting etc. The data comes from SAP WM using the SAP connector provided by Qlik, representing more than 1.2 million records.

Qlik Sense can respond immediately to questions that were unforeseen, for example: "Which customers ordered books on the theme of the environment?" This is very important for arvato’s public sector customer as such requests are impossible to predict in advance. Qlik Sense’s visualization functions also help locate stocks - at the macro level displaying a map, and at the micro level, modeling the warehouse. "We can, for example, very easily visualize the frequency of picking by location, which is very interesting for optimizing routes," added Melanie Ogier.

The Deployment Continues

Convinced of Qlik Sense’s benefits to its customers, arvato wants to quickly integrate it into a second site, and plans to propose Qlik Sense to all its customers. QlikView will be dedicated to internal reporting, used especially by management at arvato. "We will benefit from the interoperability between QlikView and Qlik Sense, both solutions meet different needs," said Philippe Le Coq, IT Manager, arvato. The company is also interested in data accessible via Qlik DataMarket, in order to integrate weather data to enrich analyzes.

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