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Andersen Windows and Doors


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Andersen gives sales reps more power, creates greater efficiency

To provide the outstanding service customers expect from the brand, Andersen Corporation knew it needed to revamp its sales strategy and team.

Headquartered in Bayport, Minnesota, Andersen Corporation is the largest window and door manufacturer in North America and the most recognized brand in the window and patio door industry — employing more than 9,000 people worldwide.

“We needed to rethink our sales model and better align our business according to our customers,” said Blaine Verdoorn, Director of Business Analytics, Andersen Corporation. “We wanted to transform the structure of the sales team, in order to customize the needs of each market segment, and needed a streamlined way to measure and track the success of our sales team.”

While there were multiple business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools already in place at Andersen, the team lacked visibility into critical data. This made insight discovery a challenge. “The system we were using required heavy involvement from IT and we didn’t have the ability to set up our own queries, which is key in a changing sales landscape,” said Verdoorn. “We needed a flexible, self-service and visual platform.”

Qlik Consulting bridges the gap, sales reps are given the power

It was determined that a new BI solution was needed. From a short list of five vendors, the team selected QlikView coupled with cloud deployment. A few factors influenced the decision, including Qlik’s user-friendly interface, the user-driven approach and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, where sales and customer data were being housed.

“With only three months to deploy and limited bandwidth from our IT team we went into this project knowing we would need to rely heavily on the vendor”, Verdoorn said. “Qlik Consulting was able to quickly understand the idiosyncrasies of our business, digest the complexity of the project and lay the proper foundation needed for our team’s success.”

Qlik Consulting also played a key role in assisting with cloud services. “We didn’t have any prior experience with hosting data in the cloud,” Verdoorn said. “Qlik Consulting helped bridge the gap between IT speak and the way our business thinks. The implementation was flawless, there’s no way we could have pulled off this project without the expertise of the Qlik team.”

With the help of Qlik Consulting, Verdoorn and team created five apps that are accessed directly within Salesforce for each new sales role. QlikView put the power directly into the hands of each sales representative, allowing them to slice and dice data directly related to their performance, along with customer and purchasing trends. Sales representatives now understand their performance—they can measure against goals from the previous year and track current progress in near real-time. With the interactive Qlik dashboard, the team can also analyze the health of the sales pipeline and closely monitor how they are tracking against sales goals.

Transforming culture, increasing efficiency

“QlikView helped us bring together data from multiple sources that don’t typically talk to each other,” Verdoorn said. “Having all this data in one platform has helped paint a much better picture of our sales force, increased efficiency and allowed us to spend more time looking at data and taking action rather than pulling it together.”

Qlik has helped transform the culture of the sales team, which is now able to sell more product and is on track to meet this year’s goal. Efficiency has also increased by 15 percent, and sales representatives are more efficient than ever with access to data on demand.

“Prior to QlikView, we only had access to a fraction of the information we needed,” Verdoorn said. In the near future, Andersen plans to expand its QlikView deployment to enhance marketing capabilities including tracking the success of marketing campaigns and promotions.

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