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ADP achieves higher customer satisfaction with faster reports

ADP doesn’t just provide payroll, it supports companies with solutions and advice on efficient payroll, benefits, and personnel administration, so they’re always on the lookout for new ways to support their clients.

When ADP’s HR clients began facing growing demands to provide information directly to a board of directors and become more accountable, ADP realized there was an opportunity to help line managers lead their teams more effectively with better reports.

According to Robert Verbaan, ADP Marketing, “All companies using an ADP solution for payroll, benefits, and personnel administration are well aware of the importance of extracting knowledge and insight from the available information in a fast, easy and comprehensive manner.”

To meet their clients’ demand for information, ADP generated lists based on Cognos Impromptu and Clarion Report Writer. But these reports were static and consisted only of numbers, making it difficult to conduct a detailed analysis. Additionally, only a small number of standard reports were provided. And, for every new report, someone needed to customize the dimensions.

A dynamic BI solution for creating reports and analyzing data

“We needed a business intelligence solution that enabled our clients to easily create reports and analyze their own data,” Verbaan said. “We ran into QlikView by accident. Their first demonstration immediately convinced us that QlikView could provide us with the dynamic solution we were looking for.”

ADP started building Qlik applications on their varying Human Resources solutions, including Pion, which was developed in-house but is also used by government organizations. Qlik is different from other business intelligence solutions because it does not require a data warehouse. Given this, ADP decided to build a data warehouse on Pion’s data source. Using this approach, ADP customers can now add their own data sources whenever they need to do so.

After laying the groundwork, approximately 150 reports were created for Pion using Qlik. Additionally, a dashboard was developed that contains important KPIs, such as turnover of staff, volume variance, sick leave percentages, birthdays and anniversaries. Today, this dashboard is the starting point for all ADP reporting and analysis tools. After the deployment of the Qlik reporting and analysis module for Pion, ADP immediately began integrating Qlik into ADP’s other Human Resources systems.

Easily extract data and perform detailed analysis

With QlikView, ADP is able to stand out from its competitors. The combination of default reports and interactive dashboard allow both Human Resources managers and line managers to easily extract the data they need and then perform a detailed analysis. Now, ADP customers can access information quickly, but they can also instantly spot causal connections and then swiftly and easily test their hypotheses.

Today, over 2500 of ADP’s clients use Qlik. “We expect this to increase dramatically in the future, mostly because we will also incorporate QlikView reporting and analysis into our web applications,” Verbaan said.

“Offering this additional feature results in higher customer satisfaction and sets us apart from our competition. We believe this makes us a leader in the market.”

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