Test Data Management

For organizations testing new rollouts of innovative Sybase SAP application releases, a test data management solution is critical to maintaining relevant, production quality test data.

SAP environments tend to be highly varied, with every enterprise adapting environments and applications to their purposes. Every system includes customizations that accommodate unique processes and evolve as requirements change. As organizations acquire new units, add new applications and update existing versions, the complexity of the SAP environment continues to grow.

Rolling out new applications and solutions requires superior test data management, where project deployment teams can test changes to HR, CRM, ERP, Finance and other SAP applications in a non-production environment. The testing process can be cumbersome and expensive, as replicating data from SAP systems is likely to be time-consuming and complex. The entire process can hinder productivity for developers, QA staff and users throughout the organization.

Qlik Gold Client® can help by providing tools for secure and efficient SAP test data management. With Qlik, IT teams can replicate small and accurate SAP data subsets into non-production environments, streamlining testing and QA efforts while minimizing the need for development resources.

Streamlining test data management with Qlik Gold Client

Qlik Gold Client test data management capabilities enable organizations to improve the quality, security and availability of data while minimizing the footprint of their SAP test environment.

Qlik Gold Client minimizes the resources required for test data management across SAP environments. With Qlik, teams can:

  • Quickly select, secure, replicate and synchronize subsets of SAP data to small test environments.
  • Create the ideal test client and maintain relevant, accurate and up-to-date data for testing.
  • Define subsets with any field or criteria, providing greater flexibility while reducing security risk and enabling compliance.
  • Maintain current data in the development environment to shorten development and bug-fix cycles.
  • Manage extensive and powerful data transformations through an easy-to-use GUI and a powerful SAP ETL tool.
  • Automate data selection to reduce time and effort for test data management.

Benefits of test data management with Qlik Gold Client

Qlik Gold Client test data management solution enables enterprises to:

  • Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • Improve allocation of project resources.
  • Ensure more effective prototyping, development and testing of SAP system changes.
  • Reduce security and compliance risk.
  • Ensure SAP GDPR compliance.

Qlik also provides solutions for SAP Hana integration as well as data ingestion for Hadoop, automated data warehousing, streaming ingestion to publish and subscribe messaging platforms, and more.


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