SAP HANA Integration

While SAP HANA is an invaluable solution for supporting data processing at high speeds, SAP HANA integration can create challenges for IT teams.

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that can help deliver insight throughout the business and predict real-time outcomes. SAP HANA technology supports both online transaction processing and real-time data analytics, enabling organizations to streamline infrastructure, accelerate operations, enhance analytics and improve business intelligence gathering.

To reap the benefits SAP HANA has to offer, organizations need a superior SAP HANA integration solution that can accelerate and simplify migration. SAP HANA integration is often a complex process – enterprises frequently run multiple Sybase SAP applications and instances with large amounts of data on a structurally complex SAP infrastructure.

Superior test data management is key to SAP HANA integration. Organizations must be able to create test HANA environments with current, relevant production-quality test data. But too often, traditional tools for SAP HANA integration are too slow or move too much test data, adding significant cost and tying up too many development resources. That’s where Qlik can help.

SAP HANA integration with Qlik Gold Client®

Qlik Gold Client helps to simplify SAP HANA integration by enabling IT administrators to easily select, protect and copy a narrow but relevant data subset for proof of concept evaluations. Subsets can be defined with any field or criteria to provide greater flexibility while ensuring security and minimizing risk.

With SAP HANA integration with Qlik Gold Client, organizations can:

  • Quickly migrate secure data to SAP applications running on a HANA platform on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Minimize the time and expense of managing, supporting and securing data across SAP environments.
  • Reduce development time and shorten bug-fix cycles by maintaining current data in HANA DEV.

Benefits for SAP HANA integration

Using Qlik Gold Client for SAP HANA integration, enterprises can:

  • Minimize the risk and complexity of SAP HANA migrations.
  • Reduce cost by streamlining the infrastructure required for SAP test data.
  • Improve allocation of project resources with faster SAP data refreshes that allow IT teams to move on to higher priority projects.
  • Improve prototyping, development and testing of SAP system changes, enabling faster deployment of changes to production with fewer errors in functional outages.

Qlik also provides an SAP ETL tool that enables superior analytics of SAP data and solutions to ensure SAP GDPR compliance, as well as technology for data ingestion into Hadoop, data warehouse automation, and for pushing streaming data to publish and subscribe messaging platforms.


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