Today's leading firms are leveraging new analytics platforms to combine data from their SAP applications with other types of data from across the enterprise and gain powerful new insight into their customers and their business. These firms are using SAP data integration to consolidate data from multiple SAP instances and merge SAP data with a variety of big data sources to gain a broader context for analysis.

With the right SAP data integration tool, companies can take SAP analytics to the next level—to identify key business trends, improve operations management, capitalize on key business opportunities, and achieve a competitive advantage.

Using SAP Data Integration to Enable Real-Time Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics

Due to the structural complexity of SAP applications, implementing SAP data integration can be challenging and time-consuming, particularly when working with multiple instances of SAP and/or non-SAP data sources. An SAP data integration solution or SAP data replication tool can simplify and accelerate the processes of sub-setting SAP data and loading those data subsets into a SAP data warehouse, third-party data warehouse, big data analytics platform, or other repository for reporting and analytics purposes.

An SAP data integration tool like Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) for SAP offers firms broad support for sub-setting and copying their data from any standard or industry-specific SAP component, the flexibility to deliver that data to a wide range of platforms, and real-time data integration capabilities through change data capture (CDC). With Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) and Qlik Gold Client (formerly Attunity Gold Client) solutions, your teams can:

  • Deliver data from your SAP systems to any major relational database, SAP or other type of data warehouse, SAP test environment, and/or cloud platforms like AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  • Leverage CDC technology to capture and make fresh SAP data available to your data warehouse continuously, efficiently, and with minimal impact to production systems.
  • Move live data from your SAP applications into a Hadoop data lake to correlate this data with data from other enterprise environments and new types of data sources such as IoT devices.

Flexible, Easy-to-Use SAP Data Integration Solutions from Qlik (Attunity)

Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) for SAP is a high-performance, automated data replication solution that can decode SAP's complex, application-specific data structures and convert SAP data formats into new formats for your target database, data warehouse, Hadoop distribution, or big data analytics environment. Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) is equipped with CDC to enable real-time data integration and automates replication tasks wherever possible, allowing you to quickly and easily setup and execute SAP data integration jobs from our web-based console.

Qlik Gold Client (formerly Attunity Gold Client) solutions are SAP-certified, application-specific tools that allow you to select, copy, and move user-defined subsets of data among SAP production and non-production systems. Gold Client gives you powerful, flexible methods to transform, copy, and refresh data across the SAP landscape, simplifying and accelerating SAP test data management, SAP landscape management, and SAP HANA migration POC evaluations.