Radically Simple End-To-End Data Provisioning for the SAP Sybase IQ

Qlik (Attunity)’s Click-2-Load solution for SAP Sybase IQ, featuring TurboStream CDC, is a complete data delivery solution, engineered from the ground up to meet the high-performance demands of analytic platform deployment while being radically simple to use.

Enabling operational data stores (ODS) for Sybase IQ’s environments by providing high-performance, end-to-end data loading with quick time-to-value, the Qlik (Attunity) solution empowers SAP customers to quickly load data from heterogeneous data sources and then maintain the changed data continuously and efficiently.

Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ effectively facilitates the latter function via innovative and powerful TurboStream CDC, a log-based change data capture (CDC) technology, which streams high volume or transactional changes captured from the source databases to the data warehouse with very low impact on the source.

Automate When You Can. Develop When You Must.

Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ is an automated and highly-optimized solution that enables fast and easy loading to Sybase IQ with minimal IT resources. When ETL is required, Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ is a great complementary solution for handling the traditionally slow process of data provisioning. The Qlik (Attunity) solution will load data with high-speed and ease, enabling the ETL tools to process heavy transformations in the data warehouse or development of multi-dimensional views on-demand, significantly improving performance.

Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ Supports:

  • High-performance full loads and continuous change data capture
  • Ease of use - using its Click-2-Load, drag-and-drop graphical user interface, users can design and monitor data loading tasks
  • A broad range of data sources, including mainstream relational databases and legacy systems
  • Automatic schema generation and implementation of metadata changes on the target
  • Transparent data type transformations between source and target

Fast Data Loading into the SAP Sybase IQ Database

Qlik (Attunity) Click-2-Load solution for SAP Sybase IQ leverages Sybase LOAD TABLE statement to efficiently import data from external data sources and ensures that data is loaded into Sybase IQ as fast as possible.  This integrated approach is designed to move large volumes of data into tables in the Sybase IQ database; Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ fully supports this high performance loading option. By leveraging SAP Sybase IQ’s native utilities, Qlik (Attunity)’s Click-2-Load solution executes automatic parallel data allocation, transformation and movement to achieve optimal data loading performance levels.

Zero Footprint Architecture. Less Software for Lower TCO.

Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ features a “zero-footprint” architecture that makes it more like a low-impact application than a framework. With Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ, there is no need to install software on the source or target systems, dramatically reducing the time and hassle required for IT to install and manage multiple software instances.

Powerful and Scalable. High-Performance Using TurboStream CDC - for Low Latency and Low Impact.

While Qlik (Attunity) for Sybase IQ was designed to be extremely simple to use and deploy, it was also engineered to be extremely powerful. It delivers blazing speed data extraction and bulk loading combined with in-memory transaction streaming to deliver low latency with low-impact. Leveraging TurboStream CDC, Qlik (Attunity)’s new and innovative change data capture (CDC) technology, the solution provides key optimizations for continuous and efficient loading to SAP Sybase IQ. Using Sybase IQ’s native utilities, the technology optimizes the data delivery process for optimal performance and agility. And Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ’s modular, multi-server, multi-task and multi- threaded architecture supports high-volume, rapidly changing environments, making it easy to scale.

Monitoring and Control. Complete Confidence at a Glance.

Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ’s web-based performance dashboard and alerts enable proactive monitoring and controlling of data delivery servers and tasks. Users can view the status of data loading servers or start, stop and reset tasks from anywhere.  In addition, Qlik (Attunity) for SAP Sybase IQ provides logs to support enterprise management systems.