Accelerating data-driven insight: How Citco delivers modern analytics

Customers in every industry are becoming more demanding with real time and customizable experiences. They want to access the information on demand rather than the time companies choose to deliver the information. Finance sector is no different with additional complex calculations and requirements.

Citco is leading the way for changing the experience for their customers through their platform with interactive dashboards and analytics. Nick Eisenlau of Citco will be our guest to share his journey while creating their platform as well as how they utilize Qlik® through this journey.

Register for this demo webinar where you will have exposure to:

  • A demonstration of how Qlik can be used for external client facing interactions through a custom portal
  • What are the major requirements or considerations while building a custom platform
  • Key considerations


Paul Van Siclen
Market Development Director, Financial Services

Pinar Celen
Senior Solutions Architect
Qlik Financial Services

Nick Eisenlau
Head of Strategy and Business Analytics