Harvard Business Review Webinar Summary: Data in Every Employee's Hands

Harvard Business Review Webinar Summary: Data in Every Employee

Build data skills and data quality across your organization

Why do companies struggle with enterprise data programs? Why must they make data quality a priority for all employees?

In this Harvard Business Review webinar summary, Dr Tom Redman, "The Data Doc," Author of Data Driven, Getting in Front on Data, and co-author of the Real Work of Data Science (w/ Kenett, forthcoming), explains that to derive the maximum benefit from data assets, employees throughout the organization must build data skills. The expectation must be that every employee is responsible for data quality. In this era where "data is a team sport," savvy leaders must provide training, clarify responsibilities, and build stronger cross functional capabilities.

Read "Data in Every Employee's Hand" to discover:

  • Why democratizing data science is so important
  • How to create broad-based data science skills to produce data literate employees and teams
  • How to distribute responsibility for data