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John Volanthen

When It All Counts: Saving 13 Lives

In July of 2018, people around the world were literally on the edge of their seats for 18 days as a high-stakes rescue played out deep inside a Thailand cave. 12 young boys and their coach were trapped underground by flood waters, a rescue story documented in a new Hollywood Film, Thirteen Lives, and a National Geographic special documenting the rescue. QlikWorld 23 keynote speaker John Volanthen – part of a multi-national team – was the first rescue diver to reach the trapped youngsters who had been missing for nine days. With heart-pounding anecdotes from the high-risk rescue mission, John hammers home the lesson of how determination, preparation, and strong decision making can add up to certainty, and why success in life is rarely due to luck.

Mike Capone

Finding Certainty in the Midst of a Dynamic Global Economy

Qlik CEO Mike Capone kicks off QlikWorld 23 by examining the evolving opportunities and challenges faced by CIOs, data experts and business unit leaders in organizations of all sizes. In the post-pandemic world, with continued supply chain challenges, and with new ways to work for digital workers, businesses are operating in a continually-evolving environment shaped by broad macro economic forces. Capone will examine the need for deeper insight, smarter decision making, and the ability to successfully integrate systems and data across technology environments to help drive growth and business advantage.

James Fisher

Innovating the Management of Your Data

Qlik’s Chief Product Officer James Fisher takes to the QlikWorld 23 stage Wednesday morning to outline how the company’s growing portfolio of products and solutions are ideally matched to the needs and requirements of businesses today. Tracing the partnership with customers that now spans 30 years and billions of lines of code, Fisher will showcase Qlik’s roadmap across solutions including the Qlik Cloud, data integration and management, and analytics, reinforcing Qlik’s market-driven approach to innovation, helping public and private sector organizations better manage their data, and ultimately make better and quicker decisions. And, as part of this session, get insight from James and his team on the things at QlikWorld 23 that they are most excited about.

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