Qlik Visibility

Intelligent data management with data usage and workload analytics

Qlik Visibility (formerly Attunity Visibility) enables in-depth, multi-dimensional analysis of data warehouse and Hadoop environments.

Test data management challenges

Data usage profiling

IT managers are under siege to meet rising business demands while controlling data delivery costs. As business users multiply and data volumes grow, IT struggles to understand and manage what is really happening within their data warehouses and data lakes.

To control these environments, you need data about how business users are consuming data and resources, and their impact on performance, cost and compliance.

KPIs and analytics

KPIs and analytics

Qlik Visibility can help with KPI dashboards and reporting on how data and infrastructure resources are being utilized. With these insights, you can optimize performance, prioritize investments, reduce cost and ensure compliance.

Gain unified view of heterogeneous environments

Gain unified view of heterogeneous environments

Centralize your metrics across enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) and Hadoop with intuitive, easily deployed and managed software.

  • Formalize and automate reporting schedules.
  • Integrate with SMTP systems.
  • Instantly run selected reports.

Monitor and improve data warehouse performance

Qlik Visibility empowers you to proactively monitor and fine-tune EDW performance.

  • Correlate BI activity with EDW response times.
  • Discover performance bottlenecks based on data usage.
  • Set thresholds to rapidly spot, diagnose, and remediate issues.
  • Run impact analyses before changing applications or data.

Optimize your data warehouse with data lakes

Use Qlik Visibility to identify EDW data and workloads to offload to data lakes.

  • Discover unused and infrequently used data.
  • Monitor all data warehouse activity to assess resource-consuming analytics and ETL workloads.
  • Run impact analysis to predict performance results of potential offload decisions.

Manage data lake growth and performance

Qlik Visibility delivers intuitive KPIs for all major data lake distributions, including Cloudera and MapR.

  • Improve capacity planning by managing and monitoring data across storage environments.
  • Analyze data usage patterns to assist with chargeback and ensure compliance..
  • Optimize performance and cost for common data processing engines like MapReduce, Tez, Hive, and Cloudera Impala.

Enable chargeback and showback

Qlik Visibility enables you to align resources, justify costs and prioritize projects.

  • Measure data and resource consumption across lines of business
  • Track metrics such as query volume, rows returned and CPU time
  • Identify usage patterns by user group, dataset or application

Ensure compliance by tracking sensitive data usage

Satisfy inquiries and ensure trusted data usage.

  • Analyze user actions, queries and other tasks by timestamp
  • Manage exceptions with policy-based thresholds

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