Qlik Forts™ | Hybrid Cloud Analytics

The only true hybrid cloud analytics service for your data strategy

Unlike other analytics tools, we do not force you to move your data to our cloud. Qlik Forts is a hybrid service that securely extends Qlik Sense® SaaS capabilities to wherever your data must reside, regardless of location – on-prem, virtual private cloud or public cloud. Qlik Forts enables organizations to experience the cost savings and performance benefits of SaaS without compromising data locality requirements.

Diagram showing Qlik Forts integration with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Convenience of SaaS, flexibility of hybrid

Qlik Forts is Qlik’s highly-scalable cloud architecture pre-packaged and pre-configured into virtual appliances, ready to run in your virtualization or infrastructure-as-a-service platform of choice including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Each Qlik Fort includes all of the analytics capabilities needed to run Qlik Sense SaaS next to your data. Unlike many local solutions, the complexity of managing Qlik Forts is handled by Qlik, and we ensure Qlik Forts is always up-to-date with the latest features.

Diagram showing how Qlik Forts can be deployed in any region or platform including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Keep your data local to you

Deploy Qlik Forts in any region or platform as part of your cloud analytics deployment. Qlik Forts runs completely behind your tightly secured firewall, eliminating the need for data to travel to Qlik Cloud® or over the internet. Qlik gives you complete flexibility over how and where you deploy analytics.

Diagram showing how Qlik Forts provides access to organizational data and insights.

Seamless experience across clouds

Ensure a consistent hybrid analytics experience that scales across your organization, to users all over the world. Users have a single point of entry to data and insights, whether data is in Qlik Forts, in Qlik Cloud or a mix of both. Users always have instant access to Qlik Cloud when they’re online and can access Qlik Forts content within the security of their organization’s firewall or network.

Bring analytics to your data

  • Protect sensitive data

    Certain data can’t move to a third-party cloud due to data governance, privacy or regulatory requirements. Qlik Forts brings world-class analytics to your data so you can maintain all data security requirements.
  • Optimize global deployments

    Data and users are more geographically distributed than ever before. Qlik Forts can be deployed anywhere in the world to optimize analytics performance, minimize latency and keep users and data close together. Qlik Forts also supports data sovereignty requirements for data that must remain within a specific region.
  • Support multi-cloud investments

    Many organizations already have multi-cloud strategies, with data and applications running in a variety of different public and private clouds. Qlik Forts can be deployed in your platform of choice, enabling you to protect existing investments, control data movement costs and flexibly move workloads between clouds as your business needs evolve.

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