Qlik Core

Native cloud analytics development platform

Build data-driven apps with Qlik’s analytics engine at the core

Qlik Core is a cloud analytics development platform built around our powerful Associative engine and Qlik-authored open source libraries. Build, extend and deploy fast, interactive data-driven applications delivered at massive scale within any cloud environment:

  • Ingest and combine disparate data sources, no matter how large
  • Automatically index data relationships to support data exploration, non-hierarchical search/filtering, and more
  • Get lightning fast data processing and analytics calculations
  • Enable application interactivity with state management

Learn how partner Salure reached a broader class of users with Qlik Core in less than 60 days

Using Qlik Core and working in tandem with their Qlik Sense application, OEM partner Salure allows analytics for a more diverse population of users needing a more limited set of insights for daily decision-making. Deployed on a Linux platform and built with visualizations using the Picasso framework, this hosted solution provides a quick time to market and new capabilities including write back and alerting.

Explore the possibilities of Qlik Core

Our highly flexible platform supports a wide range of use cases. Here are just a few examples:

Operational workflows

Ingest data at key points along your operational process flows, surfacing analytic-driven insight to increase visibility and optimize efficiency end-to-end.

Mobile applications

Deliver a more valuable app experience, using Qlik Core to manage app data and deliver fast, scalable analytic insights and data interactivity.

Data products

Increase the value of your proprietary data by developing innovative data products that provide additional value through interactivity, exploration, and speed of delivery.

Extend existing infrastructure

Embed analytic capabilities within existing infrastructure such as a mobile payments platform to create reports or custom interactive data views that increase customer value.

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Modern cloud analytics application development

Qlik Core helps developers solve some of the major challenges of building cloud-ready, analytics-driven applications. Easily combine multiple, complex data sources with Qlik’s Associative engine. Scale on-demand during peak and off-peak use with Linux, Docker and Kubernetes. Integrate seamlessly within your existing application infrastructure using the baseline API to manage security, authentication and authorization.

Purpose-built for application integration

Use open interfaces to deliver data, whether to display, drive a process or trigger an alert. Qlik Core has no opinion on presentation, environment context, or licenses, providing complete flexibility to work within your existing definitions and infrastructure.

Extend with Qlik authored open source libraries

Whether loading data (halyard.js), interacting with the Associative engine (enigma.js) or looking for visualization frameworks (picasso.js), Qlik Core developers can build solutions more quickly with our open source contributions.

Cloud scale performance

Supported by a backbone of Linux and Docker, Qlik Core applications can be deployed to meet the high demand possibilities within your cloud infrastructure. Use only the compute power you need, when you need it, to deploy your Qlik Core applications.

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