Qlik and Web-related APIs (JSON, XML & SOAP)

Qlik provides pre-configured connectors for the most popular web services and cloud-based applications — but what about the less widely known ones? For these situations, Qlik offers the General Web API Connector, which enables you to easily connect to Web services and applications with APIs for programmatic data extraction.

Why use Qlik to access Web-related data?

Easily connect to many web services:

  • Flexibility to combine data sources. Qlik’s associative model seamlessly combines data from social media sites, cloud-based applications and internal data sources, then brings it all right into your Qlik applications.
  • Rapid deployment. The Qlik General Web API Connector can be configured and placed into production quickly to help you access more data sources in a straightforward and structured method.
  • Flexibility. Tthe Qlik General Web API connector delivers robust flexibility, allowing you to make GET, POST, PUT or DELETE requests to any supporting API.

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