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From QlikView to Qlik Sense – the rise of modern analytics

QlikView, our first-generation BI solution drove the shift in the market away from large, IT-driven, stack-based technologies to more agile data discovery approaches, kicking-off the data analytics revolution. Over two decades, QlikView provided tremendous value for customers of all sizes, across all major industries and geographies.

With Qlik Sense, we introduce our next-generation platform for modern, self-service oriented analytics. Qlik Sense supports the full range of analytics use cases across an organization — from self-service visualization and exploration to guided analytics apps and dashboards, conversational analytics, custom and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, reporting, and data alerting.

With its modern architecture and comprehensive capabilities, Qlik Sense enables a whole new range of possibilities, leading the way for a new generation of data analytics technologies.

  • Quick and easy data loading

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard creation

  • Schedule automated data refreshes

  • Interactive smart visualizations

  • Data storytelling to share insights

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