Qlik – Official Analytics Partner of the Fortune 500®

Bringing the history of the Fortune 500 to life.

The Partnership

To companies around the globe, Fortune means business. A go-to resource for C-level executives and aspiring business leaders alike, Fortune provides in-depth insight and knowledge on all things business.

As a true innovator, it’s no wonder Fortune recently teamed up with Qlik for a first-of-its-kind partnership: Taking their wealth of business data and helping users explore and understand it like never before.

The Fortune 500 Dashboard

Every year, Fortune’s iconic Fortune 500 list captures a snapshot of the United States’ largest and most powerful corporations.

Bringing together 25 years of Fortune 500 data, Qlik has developed a powerful interactive tool to help Fortune readers explore the history of the Fortune 500 and discover the insights that data holds.

This intuitive, easy-to-use analytic provides users with next-level data visualization and storytelling, allowing them to explore trends in the Fortune 500 – the rise and fall of different sectors, the impact of historical events, and the other changes that lead businesses to become leaders.

Explore the history of the Fortune 500.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Qlik and Fortune made history.

Watch the discussion on the partnership between Qlik and Fortune – and how our experts came together to build an entirely new way to explore and understand the history of the F500.

This session – and over 100 other sessions on all things data – are available for you to watch on-demand at QlikWorld Online.

Fortune + Qlik: Bringing the History of the Fortune 500 to Life

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