Redshift ETL

Amazon Redshift is a popular cloud-based platform for data warehousing and analytics. Amazon Redshift offers outstanding performance and easy scalability, at a fraction of the cost of deploying and maintaining an on-premises data warehouse. While it's relatively simple to launch and scale out a cluster of Redshift nodes, the Redshift ETL process can benefit from automation of traditional manual coding.

Redshift ETL Made Easy

Qlik Compose® data warehouse automation software helps businesses gain more value from cloud analytics by making it easier and faster to design, create, load, and update data warehouses in Amazon Redshift. The Qlik solution for Amazon Redshift ETL processing and data warehouse management is purpose-built for data architects and data warehouse teams, and dramatically reduces dependence on manual programming. Working through the Qlik Compose graphical interface, users can automatically generate Redshift ETL processes and many other manual tasks relating to data warehouse design, deployment and operation..

Qlik Compose supports integrated, GUI-driven management of the entire data warehouse lifecycle including:

  • Data warehouse modeling
  • Data warehouse schema generation
  • Data profiling and data quality processes
  • Auto-generation of Redshift ETL code
  • Bulk loading of data from nearly any type of cloud or on-premises source system (by using integrated Qlik Replicate® data migration software)
  • Activation of real-time data warehousing based on change data capture (CDC) technology
  • Data mart design through an intuitive star schema wizard
  • Auto-generation of Redshift ETL code for data mart loading
  • Change management to easily support new data sources, new business requirements, and any needed iterative adjustments to data models

Qlik Compose empowers businesses to deploy a Redshift-based real-time data warehouse with greater speed & agility, reduced risk, and lower total cost of ownership.

Available Through the AWS Marketplace

Qlik is an Amazon Web Services partner, and the Qlik Compose solution for AWS Redshift ETL processing and data warehouse management is available through the AWS marketplace. Through the marketplace you can acquire an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) loaded with Qlik Compose as well as Qlik Cloudbeam (the AWS marketplace name for Qlik Replicate. The AMI is all you need to design and create data warehouse structures in Redshift and to implement automated Redshift ETL processing from cloud-based source systems such as AWS RDS or database systems running on AWS EC2. For on-premises source systems, your Qlik Compose package includes instructions for downloading and running Qlik Replicate on an on-premises host, so that your local Qlik Replicate instance and your cloud-based Qlik Compose AMI can work together to implement Redshift ETL jobs. Whether your source systems are in the cloud or on-premises or both, the Qlik solution for Redshift ETL processing is easy to set up and use.

Case Study

Glidewell Laboratories Gains Deeper Data Insights Faster with Amazon Redshift and Qlik