ETL Technology

Extract, Transform and Load technology (ETL technology) continues to be an essential part of enterprise data warehousing. By enabling data to be retrieved from one data source and prepared and ingested to a target source, ETL technology makes it possible for enterprises to set up data warehouses and data marts, build business intelligence projects and get more value from information assets.

However, as data volumes continue to grow exponentially, traditional ETL technology has become more time-consuming and complex to manage. Enterprises that want to take advantage of real-time data streams, IoT data analytics, artificial and business intelligence often find that their current ETL technology can’t keep up with the volume and velocity of data they want to consume. Building and maintaining a data warehouse can involve hundreds or thousands of ETL tasks that require manual coding for mapping data elements, identifying dependencies, scheduling jobs and managing data flows – an overwhelming activity for IT teams. Clearly, enterprises need new technologies to help them keep pace with evolving data requirements.

Qlik Compose®: a better "ETL technology” for data warehouse automation

Qlik Compose is an agile data warehouse automation solution that enables organizations to process data warehouse changes 10 times faster than traditional ETL technologies. By automatically generating the necessary ETL code, IT teams can speed time to analytics, streamline data warehouse creation and enable real-time data warehousing with a continuous and efficient data acquisition process.

Qlik’s warehouse automation solution enables organizations to:

  • Enhance ETL tasks, leveraging the power of an underlying data warehouse platform to provide faster processing.
  • Automatically generate ETL code to reduce the time, expense and risk of moving data.
  • Build business intelligence projects with best practices and more effective templates.
  • Minimize dependence on development resources.
  • Automatically generate end-to-end workflow – from data ingestion to reporting.
  • Load source feeds in real-time with Change Data Capture (CDC) technology.
  • Define and manage data marts without manual coding.

Automation for a wide range of data warehouses.

Qlik enables IT teams to manage data from the industry’s broadest range of sources and targets, for easier loading, ingesting, migration, distribution, consolidation and synchronization of data on premises or in cloud environments. Qlik’s automation software can be used with all major data warehouses, mainframe systems and RDBMS, making it an ideal SQL migration tool. Qlik integrates easily with existing ETL tools such as SSIS ETL, IBM WebSphere DataStage, Oracle Data Integrator and many others. Qlik Compose also integrates seamlessly with Qlik Replicate® data ingestion and replication software to provide ELT technology that eliminates manual coding efforts and allows IT teams to manage and monitor workflow end to end.


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