Amazon Redshift ETL

Amazon Redshift holds the promise of easy, fast, and elastic data warehousing in the cloud. To fully realize this promise, organizations also must improve the speed and efficiency of data extraction, loading and transformation as part of the Amazon Redshift ETL process.

Attunity Compose streamlines the Amazon Redshift ETL process and enables businesses to get more value faster from their Amazon Redshift investment by automating and accelerating the entire data warehouse and data mart design, build, and data integration workflow.

Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift Data Warehouses

Available through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, Attunity Compose is leading-edge data warehouse automation software that simplifies and accelerates various facets of Amazon Redshift ETL processes and data warehouse management. Through the intuitive Attunity Compose interface, data architects can easily design and create data warehouse structures, and configure and execute cloud ETL flows and transformations, with significantly less manual coding.

For data warehouse design, Attunity users can import models like Data Vault, Inmon, and Kimball, or use the Attunity Compose modeling studio to create a custom design. Attunity also supports a data-driven modeling approach that discovers source system data structures and automatically derives a data warehouse model from the source information.

For loading data into an Amazon Redshift landing area, Attunity Compose works together with Attunity Replicate data migration software to extract data from nearly any type of cloud or on-premises source system including relational databases, mainframes, and SAP applications—again without requiring any manual coding. Attunity Replicate also supports ongoing real-time cloud data transfer, using log-based change data capture to keep your Amazon Redshift data warehouse in sync with the latest source data.

Based on your specified data warehouse model and source systems, Attunity Compose automatically generates the appropriate Amazon Redshift ETL commands. You can then run Amazon Redshift ETL tasks on schedule or on-demand, and monitor in-progress ETL tasks through the Attunity Compose console.

Amazon Redshift ETL processing for Data Marts

Once you've used Attunity Compose to create and load an Amazon Redshift data warehouse, you can easily create data marts to support line-of-business, departmental, or regional needs. In the Attunity Compose console, use the intuitive star schema wizard to set up fact tables and dimension lookup tables. Based on your chosen data mart schema, Attunity Compose automatically generates the AWS Redshift ETL code needed to correctly populate the data mart, and the ETL jobs can be run on a schedule or on-demand. Once populated, data marts created with Attunity Compose seamlessly support popular BI visualization tools such as Clik, Tableau, SAP Business Objects, and more.