Recognizing the critical role of data-driven business intelligence in today's competitive marketplace, many enterprises are building or planning to build a Hadoop data warehouse. A Hadoop data warehouse – sometimes called a Hadoop data lake – differs from traditional enterprise data warehousing by supporting analysis of larger and more diverse volumes of data, at lower cost. Hadoop software runs on clusters of commodity servers and utilizes massively parallel processing to uncover hidden trends, patterns, correlations, and anomalies in vast quantities of structured and unstructured data. While the potential business intelligence benefits are enormous, there are also challenges in building and operating a Hadoop data warehouse including the challenges of loading large volumes of heterogeneous data into Hadoop and maintaining visibility into what data is there and how it is being used.

Solving the Hadoop Data Warehouse Loading Problem with Qlik

Data-driven businesses in a wide range of industries are finding that Qlik data integration technologies are the most reliable and cost-effective way to solve the challenges and unlock the value of big data and Hadoop. For example, Qlik Replicate® is a proven solution for efficiently loading data into a Hadoop data warehouse.

There are many reasons driving Qlik Replicate popularity as a Hadoop data ingestion tool, but the main attractions are:

  • Qlik makes loading a Hadoop data warehouse simple and fast. With Qlik Replicate, data managers or analysts can easily configure Hadoop data ingestion jobs and processes through an intuitive GUI, without any detailed knowledge of source system protocols or Hadoop protocols.
  • Qlik works with nearly any type of source data. With Qlik as your Hadoop data integration tool, you can maximize the business intelligence value of your Hadoop data warehouse by loading in data from most any type of source system such as relational databases, conventional data warehouses, mainframes, file systems, or enterprise applications like SAP.
  • Qlik supports real-time data ingestion. Qlik Replicate supports not only high-performance bulk loading but also enterprise change data capture (CDC) that keeps the freshest source data continuously flowing into your Hadoop-powered real time data warehouse.

Qlik for Hadoop Data Warehouse Transparency

  • View deeply into the Hadoop storage layer and processing layer to see which data and which jobs are consuming storage space and computing resources.
  • See how data and processing cycles are being used by particular applications, user groups, and users, in order to gauge the business returns on your Hadoop investment and to support chargeback or showback to warehouse users.
  • Track and analyze data and usage growth rates so you can intelligently forecast future resource needs and plan early for cluster expansions.

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