Oracle Exadata is a database machine that can help to improve performance of Oracle databases and data warehouses while minimizing the cost and complexity of managing a large data center. Exadata can be an excellent foundation for business analytics, helping organizations to streamline operations, improve customer service and increase overall competitiveness. But traditional data loading and ETL processes for Exadata can be challenging, saddling IT teams with time-consuming, error-prone and cumbersome ETL tasks that require manual coding.

Data warehousing solutions from Qlik can help organizations get insight more quickly and easily from their Exadata implementation. With technology from Qlik, Oracle customers can quickly load data from heterogeneous data sources and maintain changed data continuously and efficiently, avoiding transfer bottlenecks while moving data to analytics platforms with ease.

Qlik Solutions for Exadata data warehousing

Qlik helps companies across the world capture more value from their data while reducing costs and saving time. Qlik software accelerates delivery and availability, while automating data readiness for analytics and optimizing data management with intelligence.

Qlik Replicate® is a universal data ingestion and replication solution that enables real-time data warehousing for Exadata and other major data warehouses, including Teradata, IBM Netezza, Vertica, Pivotal and SQL Data Warehouse. Log-based change data capture (CDC) enables real-time data warehousing with near-zero latency to deliver instant insight. Qlik Replicate also minimizes the impact on source production systems with a zero-footprint architecture that eliminates the need for agents to be installed on source databases.

An intuitive and configurable GUI makes Exadata replication tasks fast, simple and scalable by allowing administrators to quickly and easily set up data feeds with no manual coding. And with heterogeneous coverage for the industry’s broadest range of sources and targets, Qlik Replicate enables Exadata customers to move and transform data more easily and effectively.

Qlik Replicate can also facilitate JSON data integration, NoSQL data integration and integration with streaming platforms like Apache Kafka, applications like SAP, and all major RDBMS and data lake technologies.

Additional Exadata solutions from Qlik

In addition to real-time warehousing, Qlik provides Exadata solutions for:

  • Data warehouse automation, with tools for designing the Exadata warehouse, generating ETL code, applying updates, and leveraging best practices. Qlik helps streamline processes end-to-end and dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of data warehousing projects.
  • Data warehouse usage and workload analytics, enabling organizations to optimize performance and improve governance of Exadata data warehouses. Qlik provides comprehensive data usage and workload analytics with insights based on in-depth and multidimensional analysis that enable IT to improve analytics services and optimize cost and performance.

In addition to ETL solutions for Exadata, Qlik can serve as an SQL ETL tool for other major databases including DB2, MySQL, Sybase, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.


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