Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft's cloud-based data warehousing service, offers enterprises a compelling set of benefits including high performance for analytic queries, fast and easy scalability, and lower total costs of operation than traditional on-premises data warehouses.

As with any IT environment or process, however, the "weakest link" is what ultimately sets the limits, sometimes preventing potential benefits from being fully realized. In the case of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, for many organizations the weak link is cloud data migration processes that are hard and slow to implement, and resistant to change even as business needs evolve.

Unshackle Your Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Qlik is a leading provider of data integration software and data warehouse automation software, supporting more than 2000 data-driven businesses worldwide and half the Fortune 100. Technology from Qlik can enable your organization to maximize Azure cloud benefits by making it fast and easy to migrate data from cloud or on-premises source systems into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Qlik CloudBeam (the Azure Marketplace name for Qlik Replicate® makes it possible to create source-to-target data flows through an intuitive graphical interface without any need for scripting and without requiring expert knowledge of the source or target interfaces. Rather than waiting on overloaded development staff to design and script the data flows, data architects and data warehouse administrators can easily configure and execute the data flows themselves, and monitor data flow status through the UI. Users can schedule batch migrations or trigger them on demand, and create continuous change data capture (CDC) flows that power real-time data warehousing.

By automating Azure SQL Data Warehouse data loading, Qlik CloudBeam lets your organization move more quickly to launch new data warehousing projects, and to make changes in response to business demands and opportunities – such as by adding new data sources. By reducing reliance on skilled programmers and sharply cutting the time it takes to create and manage data warehouse feeds, Qlik CloudBeam holds down your total cost of using Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

From Any Source to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

The Qlik CloudBeam and Qlik Replicate solution for data migration and integration delivers the broadest support for source and destination systems in the industry. Supported on-premises source systems include all major relational databases, legacy data warehouse systems (if you're migrating an on-premises data warehouse to Azure SQL Data Warehouse), mainframes and Hadoop distributions. Qlik Cloudbeam and Qlik Replicate also support replication from cloud source systems like Azure SQL Database -- or, in the Amazon Web Services cloud, AWS SQL Server replication into the AWS Redshift data warehouse platform.

For target systems, Qlik Cloudbeam and Qlik Replicate support Azure SQL Data Warehouse and nearly every major database system, data warehouse, or Hadoop environment. Qlik Cloudbeam and Qlik Replicate work seamlessly with Qlik Compose®, a comprehensive DWH automation solution, or any third party ETL technologies used for data warehouse and data mart deployments.


Qlik Replicate: High Performance, User-Friendly Enterprise Data Replication & Loading