Data Ingestion to Kafka and Streaming Platforms

Publish live transactions to modern data streams for real-time insights


You can create new business value by injecting database transactions into Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hub and other streaming systems. This enables advanced analytics use cases such as real-time event processing, machine learning and microservices.

The challenge is unlocking this value by replicating database updates to message streams - at scale - without cumbersome scripting or production impact.


Qlik Replicate™ (formerly Attunity Replicate) addresses these challenges with change data capture (CDC) technology that provides efficient, real-time, and low-impact replication from many source databases at once.

Real-time and low impact

With Qlik Replicate, IT organizations gain:

  • Real-time data capture. Feed live database updates to message brokers with low latency.
  • Agent-less solution. Our log-based change data capture architecture eliminates the need for software agents on source systems and does not impose additional database performance overhead.

Kafka and big data integration

  • Metadata updates. Support source schema evolution and integrate with schema registries.
  • Universal access. Feed message brokers that stream to sinks such as Hadoop, S3, Hive, Cassandra and MongoDB.

Simple and high scale

  • No scripting. Rapidly configure, manage and monitor data flows with no manual scripting.
  • Scale. Support hundreds of sources, topics and targets.

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