What is data replication? Data replication refers to the processes and technologies used for creating copies of database objects and affiliated data. Data replication can be used to distribute and synchronize data across data centers or remote offices, load data into data warehouses, provide data for test systems, support disaster recovery measures and more.

Data replication is subtly distinct from data integration. What is data integration? Data integration encompasses data replication processes while also emphasizing the breaking down of data silos—combining different types of data from multiple data sources including databases, data warehouses, and legacy systems into a common format and repository.

What is Data Replication? Managing Data Processing in Hybrid Environments

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based infrastructure and applications as well as new data processing and data management technologies, we're witnessing a rethinking of "what is data replication" to embrace more than simple database-to-database replication. In fact, the line between data replication and data integration solutions has blurred as technology companies realize that there is widespread demand for solutions that make it easier to copy, filter, transform, and move data across hybrid computing environments.

In order to eliminate the barriers between data sources that prevent firms from realizing the full value of their data, IT teams and DBAs need tools engineered by companies redefining "what is data replication" for the current moment. They need new and innovative tools that empower them to quickly and easily integrate data across dynamic cloud and on-premises infrastructure and tools that can handle the volume and velocity of Big Data. They need database replication software suitable for the cloud such as Amazon RDS replication technology and secure, scalable cloud data replication tools that support a broad range of applications, databases, and data processing platforms spanning the cloud and the data center.

What is Data Replication? A Flexible Solution for the Data-Driven Enterprise

If you're looking for a simple, real-time and universal platform to integrate data across all major data sources and targets, Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) might be the solution for you. At Qlik (Attunity), we have redefined and re-invented "what is data replication". Building on our experience in enterprise data integration, we've developed a scalable, flexible, high-performance data replication and ingestion platform that can grow with your company—that can support the combination of technologies in use at your organization now and in the future.

Our data integration platform currently supports the broadest range of sources and targets in the industry including all major relational databases, data warehouses, mainframes, Hadoop distributions, and data storage and processing platforms in the cloud. Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) features our next-generation change data capture technology and is optimized for cloud data transfer, providing you with a highly secured WAN transfer engine that accelerates data movement across your data centers and cloud platforms.