Oracle replication can be used to improve the availability of your mission-critical systems and facilitate real-time data integration across your data sources. By duplicating database objects and affiliated data from Oracle databases and distributing that data to other databases or data repositories, Oracle replication allows you to:

  • Create and maintain failover systems for disaster recovery
  • Enable zero-downtime system upgrades or database migrations
  • Offload demanding queries or reporting activity from production systems
  • Move data from transaction processing systems to analytical processing systems

Using Oracle CDC (change data capture), Oracle replication can be carried out more efficiently, enabling you to continuously synchronize data across distributed data repositories, eliminate redundant data transfer, and enable real-time business intelligence and data warehousing.

Ways to Implement Oracle Replication

In the past, implementing Oracle replication and Oracle change data capture required DBAs and developers to write their own scripts or use database triggers, which can result in errors and place unnecessary overhead on source systems. Today, there are robust and convenient Oracle replication software solutions that eliminate the need for time-consuming manual scripting and intrusive database triggers.

One of those solutions is Oracle GoldenGate, a powerful Oracle replication tool that replaces Oracle Streams, a replication feature built into Oracle Database that has been deprecated. While GoldenGate is a flexible and comprehensive solution for Oracle replication, many users find that it is costly and difficult to configure. Fortunately, there is a more affordable, user-friendly solution for implementing Oracle replication and change data capture in Oracle environments: Qlik Replicate®.

Implement Oracle Replication More Easily and at Lower Cost

Qlik Replicate is a high-performance data integration solution suitable for Oracle replication as well as replication from a broad range of data sources including all major relational databases, SAP applications, data warehouses, and even mainframes. Our web-based Click-2-Replicate designer makes it easy to create and modify data pipelines—automating the steps required to build replication jobs and eliminating the need for error-prone manual scripting or master DBA skills.

Featuring our zero-footprint architecture, Qlik Replicate does not require the installation of software on source or target systems. And our next-generation, low-latency CDC technology accesses database transaction logs to capture and deliver data changes to your target systems, minimizing impact on your source server while enabling real-time data integration and data warehousing.

Qlik Replicate is also highly flexible, letting you filter content based on your own criteria while dynamically replicating changes made to your source database schema. Moreover, our data integration tool is highly scalable, leveraging a multi-task, multi-threaded architecture designed to support large-scale data replication scenarios. Why make a substantial cost commitment to GoldenGate, when Qlik Replicate can provide you with the same level of performance and flexibility—and more features—in a user-friendly package at a much lower cost?


Qlik Replicate: High Performance, User-Friendly Enterprise Data Replication & Loading