Superior data migration software is in high demand today as a growing number of organizations move business-critical data to the cloud. Platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud provide greater economy and flexibility for storing and processing data. But realizing the advantages of these new services requires a data migration plan that allows data to be transferred efficiently, securely and without downtime or adversely impact source systems.

The right migration software must be easy to use, as few IT teams have the resources to take on complex custom coding for data migration. And because migration often involves moving data from multiple on-premise data sources to a variety of cloud targets, migration software must help to minimize the complexity and ensure efficient and affordable data transfer.

Qlik (Attunity): industry-leading data migration software

Qlik (Attunity) provides migration software that accelerates cloud migrations and enables analytics with real-time, simple, secure data transfer. Qlik (Attunity) makes migrating to AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud quick and easy.

Qlik (Attunity) migration software provides an intuitive web-based interface that simplifies configuration, control and monitoring of data replication tasks across various sources and targets. Administrators can manage data migration and Qlik (Attunity) migration software without needing a deep understanding of the data environment or coding practices.

Qlik (Attunity) migration software provides:

  • Automated data migration, including bulk and real-time change data capture (CDC) replication, target schema creation and data definition language (DDL) updates.
  • Central control of replication tasks through a single pane of glass that reduces administrative burden.
  • Minimal impact on data source sytems, thanks to log-based CDC technology and continuous replication.
  • Greater security for data during transfers through AES 256 encryption.
  • Higher data availability, with bi-directional replication that keeps sources current during data transfer.
  • Optimized performance, enabling more efficient data transfer by compressing and splitting large tables into multiple configurable streams, and batching small tables and CDC streams together.

Migration software for multiple sources and targets

Qlik (Attunity) migration software simplifies what is data migration's most complex task: the efficient transfer of data from multiple on-premise sources to a variety of cloud targets. Qlik (Attunity) supports all major RDBMS, data warehouses and mainframe systems, and can be used both in the cloud and on premise. And Qlik (Attunity) supports migration to AWS, including all RDS databases and Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL database and Warehouse, and Google Cloud SQL.