Data Management Software

For enterprises seeking to benefit from Hadoop and Big Data technologies, the right data management software is essential for simplifying the ingestion, storage and analysis of large volumes of data.

While Big Data usage necessarily involves vast amounts of information, managing data growth can be an overwhelming challenge for any IT team. Big Data management requires IT teams to not only manage data efficiently, but to organize and process it effectively to enable the analytics that are one of the primary benefits of Big Data. Integrating data from a variety of sources and formats can be quite difficult. And enterprise data management must ensure that data is validated and secured as it is ingested, stored and manipulated for analytics.

The right data management software can help by dramatically simplifying the data lifecycle management, accelerating data ingestion from multiple sources, supporting real-time analytics, and improving performance well reducing costs.

Simplifying big data with data management software from Qlik (Attunity).

Qlik (Attunity) is the modern choice for data integration and Big Data management, enabling companies worldwide to derive more value from more data while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Our data management software helps to accelerate data delivery, improve data availability, automate analytics and optimize data management services with intelligence.

As a leading Big Data management company, we offer a suite of data management software products and solutions that address the needs of SAP, modern databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and real-time messaging systems like Kafka. Our data management software enables administrators to work with data on-premises or in the cloud and can integrate with legacy mainframe systems. With Qlik (Attunity) data management software, organizations can improve agility in working with Big Data, optimize data for analytics more easily, and minimize the need to involve developers in processing and manipulating data volumes.


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